Hip-Hop Rumors: A Jay-Z / Mary J Album Coming? The Rumor Sidekicks Kick In!


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All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

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Hip-Hop Rumors: Lauren London & Mos Def? Ja Rule to Retire? New Lil’ Wayne Video!



I know how true this is, but the source is pretty good! I heard that Mary J. Blige and Jay-Z might be in talks to do an album. Basically, this is a concept album in the same spirit as Jay-Z’s Best of Both Worlds with R. Kelly. Mary and Jay have worked together in the past for years and years. I think it could be a good deal.


Also, Jay-Z and Steve Jobs didn’t make an announcement at Mac World 08, but I heard he is definitely still working on that label. So, stay tuned for that one. I think it is going to happen.


Now, here I present a few of these prospects for the rumors! Check them out.




By the way, nobody will be deemed a “sidekick” when it’s all said and done even though I will be like Batman and the “winner” will be like Robin! Here is the first of many. His name is Platinum Plus and he is a student at Umass Amherst. Check out the rumor below. (The rumor sidekicks are unedited for now to give you exactly what they offer without my jaded lense.)


Gille Da Kid Calls Out Beanie Sigel!…..


City of Brotherly Love?….I think not!….First it was LilWayne. Then Cassidy. Now it seems that Gille da Kid has got his scope set on his next target. The Broad Street Bully himself! Gille was up at Power  99 when Beanie Sigel calls in. Words were exchanged and things got heated….really heated….”You know you ain’t never…NEVER…could touch me boy!. …..”He was nobody before this rap game…nobody knew you, no hoes messed wit you…you was nothing!!!….Don’t PLay Wit ME!!!”….Beans kept it relatively cool for the most part, but he did get amped up a couple times in the interview..”Watchu wanna do Ruck?”….Let’s see where this goes……..Remember when Major Figgas almost signed to the ROC?…. Where’s  the love?…..Sounds like those G-Unit’s beef bug may in  fact be stingin’ Gillie….rumor has it a deal at G-Unit is still on the table.


(Illseed note: P.P. admitted this happened about a week ago.)






Is anyone a listener of the Steve Harvey Morning Show?  You know Eugene on the show who reads the birthday shout outs?  Well, rumor is he is really nephew Tommy.  I don’t know how true it is but if not, send me a picture of Eugene.  I sure hope he isn’t real because he has an unbelievably ugly voice.  That voice can’t be real!




VH1 always keeps it real reppin’ with the “ghetto” shows.  Well, there’s a show on there now about celebrities in rehab.  The young chick from Family Matters is on there for an interesting drug.  She is “so” addicted to it and needs help.    I mean, she was in pornos so maybe she’s hooked on something else.  Seems fishy to me….But I’m not advocating it, I’m just saying.  Rehab?  Like….strict rehab too.


How can an economic stimulus plan put the country in even more debt and not really “stimulate” the economy?  How can one call that a stimulus?  I can’t wait until this Bush regime is over, don’t know about you.  Not a rumor, just a free fact.


Wire fans


I know ya’ll remember Randy, who was accused of being a “snitch” and tortured his last few episodes. He apparently is a singer on So So Def.  Check out his hit?

Listen to: Where Did My Baby Go


Mariah Carey got pushed back again!  The music industry  is really in crisis.  Everything is.


So Montel Williams is upset about all the attention paid to Heath Ledger’s suicide.  I wasn’t going to say anything but I am now.  If he was black, we would have never heard about it.  I mean, look at Pimp C.  News of his death (albeit not by suicide) was spread through black news media, not publicized.  And who the hell knew Heath Ledger anyway? Not to be cruel to the dead but dang!


The chick who was (allegedly) sexin’ Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick’s name is Christine Beatty, not what was reported in previous rumors.  Who the hell is Carmen Slowsky? (Illseed knows!)





50 cents making sense? Mr. Magic Stick himself is apparently a control freak rumors are Ciara isn’t able to do any collabs with any of the Cash Money artists.  The beef between the two camps has been cooking up for months now. The Birdman himself was scheduled to work with Ciara but apparently 50 got Ciara on locked…Damn C is the sex that good to be dat loyal?? This sounds shady to me…as many of you heard Young Buck put in his two week notice at G-Unit and announced that he was leaving to be with Cash Money. I cant wait to see the out come of this.. When their is a beginning their is a ending and im sure this is not the end…..Stay Tuned…. Who: CupcakeWhat: We say rumors but we really want gossipWhere: AllHipHop.comHow: Holla at cha girl<!–[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]–><!–[endif]–>

AHH ADDICT – RUMORS ASSISTANT! (Like I said, I didn’t edit these for style or grammar, since that is part of the criteria.)


To Kick start the day, There seems to be ALOT of hate towards Ms. Winehouse, dont get me wrong she isnt setting a good example to the younger kids that buy/download her music…mind you, neither is Britney Spears, but anyway..Amy is up for “Villain Of The Year” awards in a U.K Womans magazine called “Now” Other people in the running for it is Tony Blair LOLSpeaking of Amy, I Heard that she spends over $1000 A DAY! on drugs, now this cant be true, DAMN how can someone spend a grand on DRUGS PER DAY!? rehab is the best place for her at the moment i think.Eminem Isnt Fat But He’s Still “Phat”So i heard that people close to eminem has dissmissed claims that the rapper is fat and insist hes still “phat” (corny or what?) i heard the other week that eminem currently weighed in at just over 200 lbs, now bare in mind that he is under 6ft that means he must have a bit of a gut going on.also Eminem is pushing Trick Tricks LP to be out soon, he has added to the LP along with Dre and Kid Rock which is called The VillainTrick Trick has said that the song called “Together Forever” was the last verse his friend Proof Ever done, 1 night before he was shot.50 FORBIDS Ciara to record with ANY Ca$h Money ArtistsUpon Learning that Young Buck would be leaving G-Unit for Cash Money the other day 50 has forbid ciara from recording with any artists from cash moneyfrom what i know it seems that 50 is sour over buck and doesnt want anyone from the unit to record with ANY cash money artists, Periodits been said that ciara was going to do a single with birdman but 50’s camp said “Anyone associated with 50 cant associate with his enemys”AHH ADDICT QuickiesT.I’s put his cars up for sale after finding financial difficulty’sBusta Rhymes has been given probation and fined $625 for driving while drunkFabolous is in the studio’s with another album


OK, lets go back to a bit of normalcy with illseed.




Well, Young Buck just thinks his CD was better than Kanye,50 Cent and Jay-Z. Is that so bad? Thanks, Shabaka!








Trick Trick said that Eminem is not in need of Slim Fast. If you don’t know, what Trick Trick says goes.


This is so silly, but Buck has rocked the same hairdo for the longest time, but I heard that he’s made a change. Rumor has it, he has cut all his braided hair off for a shorter look. I think now is the time to say “Pause.” (I know I vowed to stop, but it’s a process.)


More on Buck. I heard his next CD won’t have any people from G-Unit on it.


Like I said before Lola Luv Angel might have gotten some $1,000 shots in her butt…no implants. I still think – don’t know – that it’s implants gone wild.


Freeway is reportedly “free” from his link to The Roc and is headed over to G-Unit. Freeway might be an executive in this supposed G-Unit Philly that’s coming up.


I don’t know how true this one is, but I heard that Diamond has officially moved on from Lil’ Scrappy on to B-Daht, a radio personality. You might remember his name with Young Jeezy a ways back. And, is Diamond still preggers?


According to Peedi Crakk, Jay-Z just fired his whole team at The Roc. I heard somebody was sent to do the deed, not Jay himself.  Here is the audio!




Ahhhh…you know I KEEP a 50 Cent rumor! Many of you figured out my rumor on who worked with 50 Cent. That rapper’s name is Booba and I heard he is the French version of 50. HE supposedly runs Paris and gets his friends in the club for free. When 50 came into France in 2004 for his second European tour, he recorded a verse for a Booba song. I heard that didn’t work out, because it came down to money. These days, they made it pop off and the song has been made. Good stuff.  (Good deal, Adramatic!) 




Lupe Fiasco on Jay-Z, the business mogul (don’t know the source):


“We (rappers) want to be Jay-Z, because we can be Jay-Z, and have some of the same lyrics as Jay-Z and even be compared to Jay-Z, but what he trumps everybody with is his business sense. Every couple of weeks there’s a new announcement of Jay-Z buying something.”



Cali’s beats weren’t only by Dr. Dre and Warren G! Check out the great DJ Quik!




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They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed

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