Hollywood Shuffle: Flav’s New Love, Ying Yang Sags With Dr. Phil, Marvin Gaye Movie

Hopefully everyone has recovered from all the Super Bowl celebrations and parties! Now that the big event is over and all the Hollywood stars are heading back to Hollywood, let’s get on with the Hollywood Shuffle!

Flavor Flav back for more love and new DVD

You knew he would be back for more! Flavor Flav kicks off a third season of Flavor of Love next Monday on VH1, and you can expect basically more of the same…some hoochie a** girls and some good ol times!

In celebration of the Season 3 kickoff, Comedy Central will release The Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav on DVD the next day on Feb 12.

The show was filmed last summer and includes the likes of Snoop, Brigitte Nielsen, Ice-T, Katt Williams and more roasting Flavor to perfection.


Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul to work on album together

American Idol put Randy Jackson in the public eye, but those who watch the show know he has produced music for Mariah Carey, Journey and Madonna to name a few. Well, now he can add his fellow co-host Paula Abdul to that list.

According to our sources, Randy is currently working on a compilation album here in Los Angeles called Randy Jackson’s Music Club, Vol 1, and Paula will have her first recorded song in a decade on the album. The song is called “Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow” and Paula was slated to perform it “live” at a pre-Super Bowl show. Notice the quotations around “live.” I guess we’ll wait for the gossip hounds in attendance to tell us how it really went! Aside, I wonder how Simon would rate the song.


We might also add that Randy Jackson’s new show America’s Best Dance Crew is premiering this week on MTV with Mario Lopez hosting. Not sure how Randy got into producing a dance contest, but it’s looking a lot like the good choreography we saw in the movie You Got Served.

50 Cent announces film production company name and partners

As we all know by now, 50 announced at Sundance that he is forming a new film production venture. Well, 50 has just officially announced the name of this company. Get ready for…Cheetah Vision! I’m still trying to gather some intel as to the origins of the name since it sounds more like a porn studio or a strip club. Word also has it that 50 will be partnering with Tracey Edmonds on various projects. Tracey has her own production company, Edmonds Entertainment Group, which created movies like Soul Food and Light It Up

Eva Mendes joins the Hollywood gang in rehab

Eva, Eva, Eva. She got to hook up with Denzel in Training Day and Will Smith in Hitch, but looks like her true love might be some of that illegal substance stuff. Eva Mendes has checked into rehab this past week for substance abuse treatment. Word is the substance is white and looks like powdered sugar. I guess checking into rehab for actors is a rite of passage these days…that and getting knocked up.


Vivica Fox back with Direct-To-DVD sequel Three Can Play That Game

I got nothing but love for Vivica (b/c she still fine as hell), but seems like her acting career has reached the Wesley Snipes level… no I’m not talking tax troubles, I’m talking a Direct-To-DVD film career. Vivica is back in the sequel Three Can Play That Game coming straight to DVD on February 12. Once again Vivica takes the role of Shante Smith, relationship expert extraordinaire, who finds herself caught in another relationship web… but hopefully no sex tape.


Ying Yang Twins show up on Dr. Phil to talk about sagging pants

Kaine and D-Roc giving fashion advice on Dr. Phil? Man I don’t know what’s next with day-time TV. The Ying Yang Twins appeared on Dr. Phil this past Monday to take part in the ongoing debate surrounding the fashion trend of “baggy pants.” Surprisingly Kaine and D-Roc were at odds with each other on the issue.


“I really do dislike people who have their drawers all showing,” D-Roc said. “I wear too-big pants, but having it off my behind? No. My mama raised me right. I wear my pants above my waist. Kaine is like total opposite of me on the topic.”


Kaine responded with “I wear the baggy pants. If I choose to show my boxers a little bit, so what? I’m grown. You can wear your clothes like you want to wear them.” During the episode, Ying Yang went on to say that their fashion sense sets a good example for kids. That’s all good, but I don’t think any parent would want their kids saying stuff like “skeet-skeet” anytime soon.Urban Film Series comes to DC

The celebration of Black History Month kicks off in the film industry as the Landmark Theatre in Washington DC hosts the 5th Annual National Black History Month Film & Discussion Series. The theme for this year’s program is “The Black Hand Side,” with films and discussions starting every Thursday for the month of February. If you are in the DC area or just want to check out a very educational but entertainment experience about Black History, make sure to attend. Check out www.urbanfilmseries.com for details.  


Marvin Gaye biopic finally coming to the big screen

The film industry trades were busy this week reporting on casting updates to the Marvin Gaye biopic Sexual Healing that has been in development since 2006.

Most insiders thought this picture had ended up in development hell, but it looks like Jesse L. Martin of Law & Order and Rent the movie fame will be playing Marvin. James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) will be trading in his gangster ways to be in the film, and will also be producing as well.

For those of you who doubt Martin can pull off being Marvin, just check out a couple of his singing scenes from Rent. Film starts production in mid April.


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