The Beat Melee: Battle #1

The competition was thick, submissions came from all over the planet, and  the decision was very difficult. Every submission had something that was sheer dopeness. We didn’t get any straight garbage.  If you submitted and believe strongly in your product, put it back to the test again.  Next time break out the serious flames this time to leave no doubt in the judges.Below is the tale of the tape for each chosen competitor. Take a listen to each track in it’s entirety to feel the changes in the beat and Decide for yourself who’s beat game needs to go straight to the infirmary based on the following criteria…Creativity: The drum patterns, the instrument flow, the vibe.Originality: Is this different or just the Timberland, Kanye, Neptunes, rip-off!!?Marketability: Can we imagine someone rhyming or singing on this beat?Structure: Changes, bridges, hooks etc.. Post your choice in the comment section along with any constructive

comments you may have.  You are free to post as many comments as you

like, but your initial vote will be counted only once.  Voting polls close on Friday at 12am est. The winner, as well as next round’s guidelines, will be anounced later in the day.Contestant #1Name:  NoFace from Trackmates ProductionCommunity Name: TraxcrashHometown:  East New York   BrooklynMain weapon of choice: Reason 4.0, Protools, Mpc 2000xlLength in the game: 4 yearsBrief Description of yourself: Check us out at             “Face Keys”


“The Last Battle”

Contestant #2Name:  Dual OutputCommunity Name: Dual OutputHometown:  Las VegasMain weapon of choice: FL, Triton, Mackie pro board Length in the game: 4 yearsBrief Description of yourself:″Bang Bang””I Ain’t the Daddy””Yeah I know”

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