Beastie Boy Adam Yauch Launches New Indie Film Distribution Company

Beastie Boys rapper Adam Yauch is taking his success in the entertainment industry a step further, with the creation of Oscilloscope Pictures, a full-service film distribution company.The new company, which will be run by former ThinkFilm executive David Fenkel, will release independently produced English and foreign language films and documentaries into the U.S. theater market, as well as handle international sales.”I grew up around indie record labels, where a handful of people would put their heads together and figure out what needed to be done to put out a record,” said Yauch, who plans on using his experience in the music world to shape his new venture.”The approach of this company is very much in the same vein, but we’ll apply that ethic to producing and releasing films,” Yauch continued. “I want Oscilloscope Pictures to be a home for innovative films and filmmakers. We can offer them a place to finish their films and a way to release them.”Oscilloscope Pictures produced The Beastie Boy’s innovative concert DVD Awesome: I F***in Shot That, in which thousands of fans filmed the concert, which was then edited into a documentary.In addition to releasing creative films and documentaries, plans are underway for Oscilloscope to handle all creative and production work in-house, as it utilizes its post-production facilities and recording studio to design theatrical, DVD, international and online marketing campaigns.Those campaigns will include the creation of posters, trailers, DVD packaging as well as authoring, and delivery.Oscilloscope Pictures, an expansion of Yauch’s music and film production company Oscilloscope Laboratories, will also open their facilities to support filmmakers in completing their films.Oscilloscope Pictures plans on launching its first theatrical film in the first half of this year.

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