RIP Big Pun: 8 Years & Still Here With Us



As you all should know by now, Big Pun is and will always be

one of my ALL-TIME FAVORITE EMCEES. The fact that he passed away with only two

official albums under his wing is of no concern to me. Biggie Smalls passed

away in a similar fashion, but he is regarded as the best, with just reason.

With all due respect to The Notorious Big Poppa, I always gravitated to

Christopher Rios for some reason.


At any rate, it has been 8 LONG YEARS since the passing of

Big Pun and I couldn’t resist giving him a shout out. I didn’t want to put it

in the muck and mire of the rumors, so here is a video retrospective on the

late great lyrical one – Big Pun.


“Deep Cover”


I could be wrong for saying this, but Fat Joe and Pun bodied

the Snoop and Dr. Dre original version. Cuss me out,

say I am stupid or just listen to the wordplay. Shout out and love to Dre and Snoop…no disrespect to the architects!



“Banned From TV” – Noreaga ft. Nature, Big Pun, Cam’ron,

the Lox


OHHHHH…who remembers this? MY GOD, New York had so much original talent at this

time. This is one of the best posse songs to come out in the 90’s and Pun is

No. 2 right after Nature.



“Still Not A Player”


When I heard this, I wished I was a player to begin with so I

could denounce it like Pun.



“I’m Not A Player”


Here is the original song. Just listen to the beat…Pun’s

flow. CLASSIC.





I never loved this song. It might be because I’m just a

Black dude with no serious interaction with Puerto Rican brothers and sisters

until later in life. I didn’t love it, but its Pun…I have

to like it!



“It’s So Hard”


This was a very hard to song to listen to. It was clear that

Pun was trying to live.



“Off the Books” – The Beatnuts and

Big Pun





You know the deal.





Part 1



Part 2



Part 3


He talks about doing a collaboration

with Biggie Smalls in heaven. Damn…how ill would that have been! I think they can still do it from the Pearly Gates



Part 4



With that I say to you – do some homework! Go get some of

the old pun mixtapes (shoot, email me some of those

rare gems!). Like Big, Pac, Scott La Rock, Big L, Eazy

E and many more, there will never be another Big Pun. We lost a real MC right

here.BONUS SESSION!Big Pun and Cuban Link “Toe To Toe”

“You Ain’t a Killer!”

As requested, here is “You Came Up,” featuring a skinny Nore! YEEEEAAAH BABY!

What if…Biggie, Big Pun and Big L…check it out!

“John Blaze” – Fat Joe, Nas, Big Pun, Raekwon, Fat Joe and Jadakiss!

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