Rapper Pitbull Barks At TVT President, Urges Fans to Download Album

Three days after making controversial statements on a Los Angeles morning radio show, Miami rapper Pitbull is setting the record straight.The clarification stems from an interview conducted on Power 106’s Big Boy’s Neighborhood, where Pitbull expressed his frustration with his record label, TVT Records.Pitbull accused TVT of not properly promoting his latest release, The Boatlift, as he encouraged fans to “download” or “burn it” instead of buying the album in stores.Realizing that his remarks may be misinterpreted, Pitbull was adamant about clarifying what was stated.”When I tell y’all [not to buy my record], it’s not because I don’t want you to support me,” the rapper said in an interview on Latina.com. “It’s because I don’t want you to support what this man [TVT President Steve Gottlieb] is doing to an artist that everybody knows is humble, a hustler and a grinder.”Despite having those at the label who support him, the root of Pitbull’s discontent, according to the rapper, is TVT President Steve Gottlieb.”My problem is with the president, and he knows that,” said Pitbull. “When you don’t clear me for a DJ Khaled album, when you don’t clear me for a Janet Jackson record, hardly cleared me so I had to fight tooth and nail to get on the Gloria Estefan record…I bust my ass for [TVT].”I’m out here working like a slave, doing things that other artists don’t even know how to do,” the rapper continued. “A label’s there to further and promote your career, but it feels like they just keep holding me back.”This isn’t the first time Gottlieb has upset one of his artists.In 2005 producer/rapper Lil Jon vowed to never record or produce music for TVT again after accusing Gottlieb of cheating him of millions of dollars in royalties.A resolution between the two was reached the following year as Lil Jon resumed work on his debut solo album Crunk Rock.Since its Nov. 27, 2007 release, The Boatlift has sold 32,084 copies.The album, which featured rap diva Trina and R&B crooner Lloyd as well as production from Lil Jon, sold 22,203 copies in its first week and debuted at number 50.Album sales continued to dip in the second week as the release sold 9,686 copies.Although he is disappointed with his record label, Pitbull is quick to acknowledge those who have been in his corner as he wants fans to continue to stand behind him.

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