Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye Rocking The Grammys? Crazy Vids! Hot Models!


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Hip-Hop Rumors: Inside The Grammys, Fantasia’s New ‘Do, The New Fergie!



Diddy is the face of Ciroc, the actor man (click here for his latest acting gig!) of the hour and an advocate for voting. Well, he is also a multi-millionaire playboy and he’s getting his swerve on like a man deranged – according to the rumors swirling around! His latest prey is 38-year-old Natassia “Scarlet” Malthe, who is rumored to be in New York from LA for a weekend trip. They are saying she looks like J-Lo, but I am not falling for that. Diddy is over that one, especially since she’s married with twins. Diddy is a mack!


WHOA! Let me tell you something. I am going to be the one throwing some tantrums if you don’t get it together Grammy people! I heard that Kanye West isn’t going to be rocking the Grammy awards this weekend! Now, I don’t know how true that is, but they better make that announcement soon! Rumor says that Michael Jackson might be a surprise performer at the awards show with somebody like Justin Timberlake. If Mike does that, I will lose all respect for him! After what he did to Janet!? They needed to get Usher so Ursh can get his stuff together.


Not new, but this is why I’m not sweating the Grammys!


They won’t let Amy Winehouse in the States, because they think she is going to do a lil’ crack or something? That’s foul!  Well, they gave Amy a last minute visa to the U.S. but it was too late for the Grammys, which are Sunday. OH WELL! Flavor Flav did crack and they give him a sitcom! Anyway, Amy Winehouse will still be at the Grammys this year – by satellite! They are going to broadcast her live from a studio in London and get it poppin’ like it’s the year 2999! Anyway, Amy is nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Female Performance for ‘Rehab’, Album of the Year, Best New Artist, and Best Pop Vocal Album for Back to Black.

Here is the press statement she issued:

“I’m raring to go and really excited to be performing at my first Grammy Awards. I’d like to thank everyone for their support over the last couple of weeks. I’m really sorry I can’t be there but I appreciate that I’m being given a second chance via satellite.”

She is still in a rehab facility, but is reportedly looking a lot better than she has in the last few months. Hopefully this is the start of a beautiful comeback.“Amy would like to thank all of those people, in particular the staff

involved at the U.S. Embassy in London, who have all worked so hard to

expedite her application. She is looking forward to

being a part of the 50th Annual Grammy Awards with her Sunday night

performance and to going back to the U.S. soon.”


Mary J. Blige on Keyshia Cole:

“The only reason why people probably compare us, is because we both have a story. That’s about it. As far has her looking like me and wearing her hair like mine, and any time I do something and she does it, as far as I’m concerned that’s about imaging, as far as who she is on the inside, I cant see myself in her.”

Fergie on stars like Christina Aguilera and J.Lo that hide their pregnancies:

“It’s so stupid. It can be obvious a girl is pregnant but they still deny it. It’s as if they want the attention and press it causes. I wouldn’t be part of all that nonsense.”

Here are some Estelle quotes:

John Legend called you the next Amy ….

“John calling me the next Amy; I’m not pleased about that. I understand what he is saying; like I am the next takeover artist from the UK but we have no other similarities.”

How do you feel about all the Lauryn Hill comparisons?

“I honestly don’t get it. Yeah we both sing and rap and are dark skinned. that’s it? I don’t think I look like her, I don’t think I sound like her… I really don’t get it. I’m not trying to emulate her; I am just being me.”

Also, click here to see some shots from her new video, American Boy, which features Kanye West and John Legend.


What do you think of this? I like it.


“Let me smell yo’ d**k?” Good Lord have mercy. This song takes me back to the Khia era!


Here are some more models – I have a nice variety here!

Have a good weekend – I sure will!


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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