Kid Capri Presents: Uninvited Guests – 2/4/08 Mercury Lounge, NYC

What was that saying? “I’m your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper,” I think there was another “I’m your favorite rapper’s favorite trapper.” Consequently, but not unsurprisingly, these phrases have been used more than polish at the shoeshine. So I think it’s due time for a new fanatical Hip-Hop catchphrase. Ready? It’s all about you’re favorite rapper’s favorite rockers. And who might that be, you ask yourself?Well, they already have blessings and respect from D-Block stalwart Styles P, they’re putting their album out through Kiiiiiiid Capri’s, No Kid’N Records and they go by the musical alias Uninvited Guests.Last Monday, I caught the band’s showcase at New York City’s Mercury Lounge. When I finally got in, the crowd, like the band, was an interesting blend of ages, genders, and hues. After a quick set-up, Uninvited Guests took the stage for twenty, twenty-five minutes tops, but in that small lot of time, this eight-person group turned the Mercury Lounge into their own personal musical playground.The 50-year-old guy with cropped grey hair and glasses standing behind Kid Capri pumped his fist while Brooklynite front men Wicz, an established producer, and Rob Noxious rocked the house with anthemic lyrics and rock star swag straight from the ‘80s.  The three man rhythm section – two guitars and a drummer – went on an amped up concourse plying through remnants of bluegrass, funk, metal, and an occasional medley of all three. To the left of the drummer stood three long legged beauties, The Hellos, harmonizing and accentuating Wicz and Rob’s potent deliveries.Though their Myspace says Rock/Hip Hop/Punk, categorizing Uninvited Guests’ music under any of these genres takes away from the groups’ well-respected creativity. Due to their obvious tastes in music, these New Yorkers can’t be labeled. It’s not rock and it’s definitely not Hip-Hop. Then what is it? Ask anyone in the band and they’ll tell you it’s called Street Rock. It’s your favorite rapper’s favorite genre.

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