Luke Campbell Rap Reality Show Coming To VH1

Pioneering Hip-Hop mogul Luther Campbell is bringing his unique lifestyle and brand of entertainment to VH1 in the form of a new reality show titled Parental Advisory.


Slated for a July 2008 premiere on the network, the hour-long series follows Campbell as he balances life with his children and fiancée, spends time at the office producing various adult themed content and traveling the country with beautiful women as “Uncle Luke” Campbell.


Parental Advisory showcases the diversity in my life,” Campbell told “One day I am with my kids, the next day I am in the office auditioning ‘Luke Girls’ and the next day I might be out on the road.”


Parental Advisory is being produced in conjunction with Campbell’s new company, the Luke Entertainment Group (LEG), which publicly trades on the NASDAQ pink sheets.


Campbell, a longtime veteran of the Hip-Hop industry and founding member of the ground breaking Miami rap group 2 Live Crew, is the Chief Creative Officer and chairman of the company.


LEG also includes a music division and a sports marketing division, which manages the careers of professional athletes.


“They tested Parental Advisory in focus groups and it was one of the most popular shows,” Campbell revealed. “It’s similar to the Osbournes, but I think it’s better and more entertaining.”


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