Ball With Biv: All Star Weekend Diary

What up Y’all!

I’ve been attending All Star Weekends ever since Spud Webb won the dunk

contest. I think I’ve been to about four or five different All Star games, but

I’m on the other side of the fence now.


Instead of participating and being a part of the event, I’m interviewing

people and I’m down with TNT Overtime,

so it’s a whole different thing. I upgraded baby! Haha! 


I got into New Orleans on Thursday, got off the plane and went right to work

shooting 30-second promos for TNT on Bourbon Street. That night, I had the

pleasure of going to Alonzo Mourning’s Magic 8-ball Challenge.

The thing that

made that special was my partner was David Levy, President of Turner Sports. I

was actually partnered up with the boss of all bosses. We were playing a two-man, eight ball tournament against Chris Paul of the

New Orleans Hornets and Michael Jordan – that was our first game in the

tournament. When MJ walked in the room, he shut it down! He came in, chocolate

city was in the building. He came over with the cigar and just lit up the place

like a rock star and it was on and poppin’. Everyone from different pool

tables just verged over to where we were. The first round game had the

atmosphere of the championship.  

And Mike, you know he talks trash all day. Oh, he was feeling good. “Poison”

went on, he thought he was going to win the game, he was trying to clown. I let

him get his groove on, I like it when he could dance to my hits. It was my

night, he just couldn’t feel it – my music, my game with my partner the boss.

He didn’t know he was the opening act. It was good though – we did a jedi mind

trick on him, and we beat them! 


On Friday, I did some volunteer work over at Laurel Elementary School

along with Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Carlos Boozer, Ray Allen and David

Stern. We were painting, buildin’ chairs. I had the pleasure of getting Dwyane

Wade over there and having good conversation with him for TNT Overtime. Dwayne is like how he plays… smooth. So

that was the hot feature Friday, just going over there, getting down with

everybody and giving back to the kids. That night was the party of all parties

given by Kenny Smith


All Star Saturday Night was also a lot of fun. At that particular time, I

was doing Overtime on the live camera

‘Running the Point’ on the sideline, interviewing guys like Chauncey Billups

and Terrell Owens.

The players lit it up for the 3-Point shoot-out – the

skills were on showcase for real. Dwight Howard in the dunk contest was unbelievable. He is the new Shaquille

O’Neal in personality. He’s got that youthful, fun, laid back when necessary,

energetic when necessary. He’s just got that thing about him! 


Sunday was time for the main event – the All-Star game. I hit the red carpet

for TNT, interviewing celebs like Deion Sanders, Jet Li, Jimmy Jam, David

Robinson and Gabrielle Union to name a few. 

Inside it was crazy; I was on the live camera again with the best seat

in the house. The players took it to another level showing the world why their

best, great game with the East All-Stars pulling it out 134-128.


Click here to check out Biv in action at All Star Weekend on TNT’s Overtime!

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