Various: The Glow In The Dark Mixtape


The description of a mega tour shouldn’t be used too often. Whether the record companies don’t have the caliber of talent on hand or performers don’t wish to do shows; it is rare for a bunch of artists with like minds to get together and rock the party like the crews of old. 2008’s upcoming Glow In The Dark tour seems to be the exception of the rule, as it is headlined by Hip-Hop’s golden boy Kanye West. Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, and N.E.R.D are also are on the bill; giving fans plenty of good music to vibe to. To keep the buzz building, The Glow In The Dark Mixtape gives the fans a bit of a sampler to the music, and has just enough heat to have fans setting their money away now.


Each of the aforementioned acts get their equal time on this effort, showing what they can offer to the tour itself. Kanye delivers 2 remixes in “Flashing Lights” and “Dear Mama” and gives listeners “Good Night;” a track featuring Mos-Def that has been making its rounds on internet lately. Rihanna gives a stirring performance in “Umbrella (Unplugged)” and shows why the song was one of the summer’s biggest anthems all behind a band. Lupe has a live version of “Dumb it Down” as well as “Gold Watch” and “Streets on Fire,” two stand outs from The Cool. The stars of this show however, happen to be the newly reformed N.E.R.D, who may have a bona fide hit in “Swagger International,” and gives an up-tempo ballad in “Locked Away” that is sure to get the crowd amped.


The mixtape accomplishes its job by providing an idea of what some are going to be paying for later this year. Some of the tracks on here are pretty predictable and that isn’t a bad thing, because these songs really lend themselves to a performance. If you find yourself attracted by this, then it isn’t a stretch to say that this summer tour could definitely be lodged in your memory banks for years to come.


Kanye West Featuring Dwele and Colin Munroe

“Flashing Lights (Remix)”


“Swagger International”

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