Dropping Pounds With Cipha Sounds: And So It Begins…

What up y’all.  It’s your boy Cipha Sounds from New York’s Hot 97, MTV and Sirius Satellite Radio’s Shade 45. 

Usually you can catch me informing you about dope artists or the latest music coming out, but for this column, AllHipHop.com has asked me you take you with me on my journey to lose weight and get healthy.


It’s funny because I’ve got skinny legs and skinny arms, but basically I’ve noticed that the last couple years I’ve been putting on some pounds in the gut area. 


Although the ladies don’t seem to mind it… it’s not the healthiest way to live. I’m tired of sucking in my gut when I’m doing my MTV show (Sucker Free on MTV Weekdays @ 8:30am) and of people I haven’t seen in a while saying to me, “Damn… you eating good!” 

When in all actuality I’m not eating good – I’m eating horribly. 


My meal usually consists of:


•    1 or 2 fast food restaurants a day

•    Mostly fried food

•    Candy

•    Chips

•    Soda

•    Etc. etc. etc.


Sidebar: I know the location of every fast food restaurant – Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, and White Castle – and every 24 hr McDonalds including the drive thru one on 10th and 34th that you can creep to without anyone knowing.


I try to get advice from people, but everyone has a different opinion, so it’s hard to figure out the right way to do it. With my busy schedule it’s hard for me to find time to exercise.

I talked to the Dr. Ian Smith from VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club, who authored the books The Fat Smash Diet and Extreme Fat Smash Diet, on my radio show on Sirius (Sirius Satellite Radio Shade 45, Cipha Sounds Effect, Weekdays 8:00am to Noon).  Check out the audio from the interview here:Dr. Ian Smith on Shade 45’s Cipha Sounds Effect Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Dr. Ian recommended that I get on his Fat Smash diet because of my addiction to junk food. The Fat Smash Diet comes with a nine-day detox. I was scared to do it. The Detox meant I could only eat fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, egg whites, yogurt and all the water I want (yippie).


I always tell myself I’m going to stop, I’m going to get better, but after one slip up I just return to the vicious cycle of bad eating and self hatred. Haha!  And the bad influences I’m around don’t help. 


I’ve been trying to find a way to stick to it, so I figured that talking to Dr. Ian Smith and talking to you guys would help. I don’t drink or smoke or any of that stuff, but kicking my junk food addiction has been very hard.


It’s gonna be hard to just eat that stuff man, but now that I know I have to report to you guys I think I can stick to it. May the force be with me.


– peace

The “before” photos:


You can find out everything you want to know about Cipha Sounds at www.myspace.com/ciphasounds and learn more about Dr. Ian Smith at www.doctoriansmith.com


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