The Beat Melee: Battle #4

Ok producers, the battle rages on. Last week we had a very close match up between Meta Maestro and Battle Axe. Meta Maestro was the overwhelming favorite because of his versatility.  This week was a very difficult decision. In particular there were about 5 producers that could have been picked to compete, so we had to go with who we felt offered some different looks. If you feel that you’ve been robbed, don’t hesitate to submit the same material for next week.  Big ups to all those who give creative feedback. In the end it’s all about uplifting each other to become stronger.  The judging criteria is below….Creativity: The drum patterns, the instrument flow, the vibe.Originality: Is this different or just the Timberland, Kanye, Neptunes, rip-off!!?Marketability: Can we imagine someone rhyming or singing on this beat?Structure: Changes, bridges, hooks etc.. Contestant #1Name:  The Virus/ FCS NetwurksCommunity Name: IronHorseHometown:  Far-Rockaway

Queens, NYC Main weapon of choice: Ensoniq ASR

X-PRO, Ensoniq ASR-10, MPC 1000Length in the game: makin beats since 1996, in the game FOREVER!Brief Description of yourself: lingoPerfect TimeContestant #2


Community Name: FaMe_BitCh17


Main weapon of choice: REASON….tHatS iT!!!

Length in the game: 4 years

Brief Description of yourself: HOT, FIRE, PROLIFIC,ILL,DEF…..all the above

On TimeLiveYA C Babi

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