‘Stop Snitchin’ DVD Creator Indicted By Feds

The creator of the controversial Stop Snitching! DVD was among 26 people indicated on various charges, including racketeering, for allegedly being members of the Tree Top Bloods gang in Baltimore, Maryland.


Over 100 law enforcement officers were deployed yesterday morning (Feb. 28) to execute search warrants and arrest members of the TTP Bloods in Maryland.


Ronnie “Skinny Suge” Thomas, 34, was connected to Steve Willock, a 28-year-old Hagerstown man whom prosecutors claim has been running the TTP Bloods gang from the Washington County Detention Center prison since 2000.


The explosive indictment claims that just last week, Thomas, aka “Skinny Suge” called another gang member named Kevin “Red Eyes” Gary and discussed retaliating against a store owner who refused to sell his Stop Snitching! 2 DVD.


Gary is also accused of ordering two gang members to rob non-gang members who were selling drugs in TTP territory without the gang’s permission.


According to federal prosecutors those named in the indictment belong to “a nationwide racketeering enterprise, for which they may be exiled to federal prison with no probation and no parole.”


Additionally, prosecutors claims that the TTP’s in Maryland reportedly sought and received recognition of members from the Compton, California branch, where the gang originated.


In addition to multiple crimes, the Maryland gang members are accused of adopting the slang and dress of the Tree Top Pirus, using women to sell drugs to support incarcerated members and committing violent acts against other gang members.


“The Baltimore Police Department is committed to pursuing our most violent offenders and putting them away for as long as possible,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld. “With the help of our federal law enforcement partners, these dangerous people will be off Baltimore’s streets and our city will be safer.”


The indictment outlines numerous crimes, including five murders, drug distribution, possession of firearms, and other criminal charges.


Police arrested eight members of the gang yesterday (February 27) during early morning raids, while six remain at large.


Fourteen other members were already incarcerated on various charges.


“The Tree Top Piru gang members prided themselves on monopolizing, paralyzing, and terrorizing neighborhoods to promote their criminal activity and protect their turf,” said Ronnie Carter, Deputy Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). “We’d like to tell the members of the Tree Top Piru gang, you’re on our turf now.”


The Stop Snitching! DVD contained footage of various Baltimore men, who claimed to be drug dealers, threatening those who may report them to authorities in return for less time on their own sentences.


Stop Snitching! garnered nationwide attention due to the appearance of NBA star Carmelo Anthony, who used to reside in Baltimore.


The DVD sparked a nationwide dialogue about law enforcement in the black community.

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