Tech Talk: Holla If You Hear Me!


Every time I see a successful business person get

interviewed, at some point, they drop this line in: “I work hard, and play hard.” Keeping that in mind, I found a couple things

that let you do both.


If you’re a busy exec, or if you’ve got your grind on and you’re on

the come up, chances are you got a couple phones on you hip. The people over at Fly Mobile think that’s

one phone too many, so they came out with the Fly B700 Duo


The Duo is rockin’ two

sim card slots so you can have two active lines of service to one phone. It

has everything that is typical in cell phone today like the music and video

player, Bluetooth and camera… but I don’t know anyone with two phones in one

yet. If you got a European hook up, you could be the first.

The next few toys are to reward you for all the hard work. If

you have an iPod, you know those headphones that it came with ain’t gonna last

all that long. When you re-up, check out the CX 500 ($129.95) from Sennheiser. 

 The CX 500 is

the new high end model in the Classic line and features:

Multiple finishes, high gloss black, high gloss

white and titanium. It stands out for having a wider frequency

response than the other models.

Special flange ear adapters which give the ear

canal phones an even better seal.

A convenient volume adjuster maintains total

control over incoming audio levels on any play list or shuffle.

It comes with a pouch, cable clip and cord

winder for an unsurpassed value.


When you want to share the iPod experience with the whole

room, the Zeppelin ($599.95) from

Bowers & Wilkins is the way to do it luxuriously.


The video says it



If you’re looking to escape your hectic life by flexing a

little creative muscle, then you might wanna stop by  It’s a photo sharing service that allows you

to upload both still pics and video. 

You can create montages, slide shows, mugs, DVD’s and more. After

you’ve created your masterpiece, can share your page or send it directly to

your friends’ TiVo’s for them to enjoy on their televisions.Troy Gayle is the founder of

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