Sunday Selection: Taio Cruz “She’s Like a Star”

There are a lot of musical treasures across the Atlantic that we have yet to hear, and after the success of musical sensation Amy Winehouse (despite her shortcomings) one must ask, “What else do the British have to offer?” Well I’ve got the answer, and his name is Taio Cruz. His new single “She’s Like A Star” featuring a sample from another British songbird Corrine Bailey Rae, brings a fresh new sound that most R&B fans should appreciate. With an upbeat appeal and an original sound, I think Taio Cruz has crafted a hit that has the potential to make an impact on American soil. As a fan of R&B, I will admit I’m always looking to hear something new with substance. After hearing this song just once I was anxious to find out more about Taio Cruz. With the credits of singer/songwriter/producer and performer on his resume, Cruz has already penned songs for artists such as Usher, Mya, and Britney Spears. Dallas Austin has taken the liberty of calling him the next Babyface. “She’s Like A Star” is hot, and for all you R&B lovers who love a good up-tempo song, it’s definitely a track to place in the Favorites category inside your iPod. 

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