Hollywood Shuffle: Bow Wow Thugs It Out, Supermodel Terrell Owens? Jessica Alba’s Grade School Woes

Over the weekend I finally got to catch up on all of my movies – Mos Def and Jack Black’s Be Kind Rewind, Andre Benjamin and Will

Ferrell’s Semi-Pro… heck I even got

to see Vantage Point.



actually kind of mixed on how I feel on all three films. If anyone else has any

opinions on them, let me know. But for now let’s get to the Hollywood Shuffle!

Bow Wow plays a thug in the movie Driving



Although we

have seen Bow Wow go thug while defending Omarion in those YouTube videos, Bow

Weesie will now take the next step and play a thug in the upcoming indie film Driving Lessons. It’s interesting why

the casting directors chose Bow Wow of all Hip-Hop artists to play the role of

a young thug.


Driving Lessons also stars Selma

Blair and Chi McBride, and is due to begin filming in Los Angeles in



Meet Terrell Owens – wide receiver and male


 Terrell judged an informal male-model volleyball tournament in Miami this past

week. According to various sources there, not only was he extremely critical of

all the contestants, he was actually over heard saying that he wanted to pursue

a male modeling career of his own. If we start seeing him hanging around Tyson

Beckford… well now we will know why.


The Barack Obama movie starring Will Smith?

Barack has

already received a lot of comparisons to Will Smith for his charisma, and

especially his ears. In a recent interview, even Barack admitted to it as he

stated if there were to be a movie about his life that he would want Will to

play him. “Will and I have talked about this because he has the ears!” So

who would play Michelle Obama?


Tyra Banks knows what it’s like to be


In last

week’s episode of Tyra Banks’ America’s

Next Top Model, she made her contestants compete in a photo shoot based on

the “homeless” look [her own photo in the shoot is shown above]. Tyra then stated that she knows what it’s like to be

homeless because she was homeless for an entire

day on her TV show.


I’m not

hating on Tyra, but sometimes her comments like that just upset me. I’d like to

see Tyra survive on Skid Row for over a week by herself with no cameras and no



Jessica Alba labeled a grade school whore?


to a recent book that Jessica has helped contribute to, Jessica says that she

was labeled a “slut” in sixth grade because her body “developed” faster than

normal. Bu she was not called a slut by her fellow classmates – it was her

principal and her teachers! Ouch!


The Halle Berry fragrance line

Seems like

everyone is jumping in on the celebrity fragrance game these days – Diddy,

Mariah, Usher, Britney, and now Halle Berry. No news yet on the name of the

fragrance or what it will smell like, but Halle’s scent is one I wouldn’t mind

smelling. The fragrance is due out next year and will be available in stores

such as JC Penney.


Step Up 3 is 3-D…and thus introducing Step Up


Those folks

at Disney are so clever. Due to the success of the recent Step Up 2 which featured Cassie and a soundtrack with Missy

Elliott, Flo-Rida and more, Disney has already given the go ahead for another

sequel that we actually be in 3-D. This way you can see all the windmills, head

spins and slow motion dancing in the rain sequences as if you were right there.

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