Bun B Makes His Decision In Politics

Bun B on the election in January 2008:

“I’m still waiting to see [who I support]. I think its still a little early. I’m really, really leaning that way [towards Obama]. I’m sitting back and seeing who’s going to do what. I don’t know enough about Barack and it would be ignorant of me to get just behind him just because he’s Black. But I’m not saying Barack ain’t down.”

Now, Bun B, one half of the legendary UGK, has made a firm decision (after much thought) and he has opted to endorse Senator Barack Obama. Somewhat like Obama, the rapper is known to walk with the common person, but maintains the ability to “walk with kings,” to quote Rudyard Kipling.

See below for the videos of Bun B talking talk on his affinity for Barack and why people MUST vote, even if it is a losing cause.

Part 2


Bun B: The AllHipHop Interview

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