Hip-Hop Rumors: Lauryn Hill’s Dream Comes True? Suge Knight Disses Dre! 50 Cent At Wrestlemania?


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Hip-Hop Rumors: R. Kelly Vs Ne-Yo! 50 Cent & Naked Ping-Pong? Tyson/Holyfield AGAIN?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil’ Kim’s Lesbo Experience? Snoop Don’t Need Dre! Keyshia Cole Pisses Fans Off?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Papoose and Fat Joe Fighting? The 50 Factor!


Y’all know, Lauryn Hill is as much of an actress as she is rapper/singer, right? Well, I hear there is a full movie version of Rita Marley’s 2004 autobiography “No Woman No Cry: My Life With Bob Marley” on the way. The movie will chronicle their rocky 15-year marriage until Bobs death in 1981. You also know that Lauryn is very “into” the Marley Family in many different ways. So, Rita Marley is already looking to get Lauryn Hill to portray her onscreen – with no audition! All of Lauryn’s kids are from Rohan Marley so I am sure she and Rita can swap stories – like father like son!

In other Fugee news, Pras has optioned the film and TV rights to “Dark Oz,” a comic book trilogy based on “Wonderful Wizard of Oz” by Frank L. Baum.


Check this out. I don’t know the legalities about it but it is not looking good for Dr. Dre EVER getting the masters to the Chronic. Wendy Williams and Charlemagne interviewed Suge and he made it clear Dre wasn’t going to get that album. Also, he dismissed the rumor that he got beat up by a soap opera babe. Time for Dre to make a new Chronic with Detox.


Shout out to DJ R.o.B. from Vallejo, CA, who confirmed out worst fears! People have long criticized Hip-Hop for being the new WWE (or the WWF for the older folks). I am not big on wrestling, but he has informed me that Hip-Hop is going to be represented in a big way at Wrestlemania this year. That’s right! We saw Floyd Mayweather bust the nose of the Big Show. To survive, Money Man is going to need some help and so he is reportedly pulling 50 Cent in to duke it out when he is in the ring. Also, there is a “Bunnymania” match, where all females will wrestle each other. Snoop Dogg is supposedly going to be in that one. John Legend is going to be singing the National Anthem for the people. Also, the claim that Mayweather got $20 million for his acting, I mean, wrestling appearance is a hoax.


If you didn’t hear it yet, HBO’s “The Wire” is coming to an end and the last episode is on Biggie’s Bday of March 9th. The 90-minute episode is driving people crazy, because it is not coming on early on the On Demand platform like the rest of the season. Why? I heard that people from the show (producers) said that the early previews were spoiling the show for so many people. I know for a fact, the episode of _____ getting killed messed it all up. And when ______ found out that ______ was an alleged snitch? Game over for ____. Anyway, this is all good…I guess, but I think people deserved to get their last “fix” early!


I get at least 5-10 rumors that start off like this, “There is a crazy rumor coming out of (Pick any city) that (Pick any rapper in your city) is about to take the whole rap game by storm. I’m not sure, but I also heard that Lil Wayne signed him when he stopped through on tour and (the rapper) spit 20,361 bars for him STRAIGHT! I’m not affiliated with him at all, I just wanted to let you know that’s what I’m hearing, fam.”


Ahhhh…I think Diamond can do it. I think she has what it takes to do this solo thing. She recently was found down in Atlanta talking to young girls about how “It’s Cool To Be Smart” Music Mentor Program for teen girls. This went down in the A with HOT 107.9 FM from Radio One.

Here are a couple pictures.

At the event, Diamond stressed the importance of “staying true to yourself and not letting anybody take advantage you”. The teen girls also identified with Diamond and respected advice on how women should act in music videos while on set or around young men.


Oh Boy! This is a new one! According to Billboard magazine, the new Gnarl Barkley video is banned from TV. Why? You would think since it is Hip-Hop(ish), it would be because of the movie being too raw or something. No, apparently there are some strobe light effects “Run” that don’t pass “the Harding Test.” What the devil is the Harding Test? It is a set of rules in TV production that prevent images from igniting epileptic seizures.

The video is below. I don’t recommend watching it if you have epilepsy.


Hillary Clinton stole Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island while Obama won Vermont and maintains a lead in the delegate count. This is better than a rap beef!

I heard that some of the DTP acts are in grave danger of getting the axe. You have my prayers.

Millions of geeks mourn: Gary Gygax, the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons died at the age of 69. He had been suffering for years. Roll a 20-sided die for the homey.

Melanie “Scary Spice” Brown is supposedly going to be posing nude for a charity campaign against sex trafficking. I hope her hot naked bod doesn’t encourage more sex!

Katt Williams had a recent show in Fort Wayne, Indiana and he did well to a sold out crowd. I just wanted to say that.

Lily Allen is giving up her partying ways, I heard. This is a direct result of her losing her baby.

Janet Jackson’s Discipline hit No. 1 with 178,010 units sold in its first week and Erykah Badu pushed about 122,708 of Amerykah.

Click here to see an extended ending to “I Am Legend.”

In that R. Kelly song, “I’m A Beast,” I heard some disses to Young Jeezy and Jay-Z too. Did you?

DJ Premiere is supposedly working with Christina Aguilera again on her next CD. What does this say about Hip-Hop? There is something to be said.

The FBI is investigating 26 unsolved Civil-Rights era cases, including murder, that were referred back to them. Of course the KKK (the old 60’s KKK) is behind most of them.

Oprah is rumored to be creating a show for Raven Simone. This chick is already paid and O is gonna make her a billionaire before she hits 30!



Fat Joe goes into details about what happened or didn’t happen with him and Papoose. He’s saying he beat up Pap and sent his boy to the hospital. Who do you believe? Was he defending Remy’s honor? I heard in CT, when Remy’s people got into that “dust up” Pap was all in! I’m not sure, but I do know this: there is an incredible size difference between FJ and Pap. If Pap’s jab is like Hitman Hearns, maybe! I don’t know! Also, I think this clears things up with Cassidy being some sort of alleged set-up dude (again!).


AllHipHop.com talked to several artists and they sent their love and condolences to Juvenile.

BG: “I love Juve like a brother. We came up together as Hot Boys. Now we are men, fathers with families. I send out my prayers to Juve and his family as well as my sympathy to him. In our lives, Juve and I have seen a lot of death and lost a lot of friends too soon. But nothing can compare to what Juve has lost – his baby girl. My heart goes out to my homie and I am sure that I can speak for all of New Orleans during this difficult time: we want him to know that we praying for him, we love him and we support him through this and forever.”

Trina: “My prayers are with him at this time and may God continue to give him strength to deal with such a terrible loss. This is devastating for such a beautiful family all gone too soon!”

Bun B: “I send my prayers and condolences to Juvenile and his family during this tragic event. I cannot imagine the pain he must be feeling.”

Eightball of 8Ball MJG” “It’s crazy what’s going on with these kids and guns, man. We had three school shootings here in Memphis in the last few weeks. We gotta figure out what’s going on!”


People really hate themselves and that turns outward to others. Case in point, family and friends of a 17-year-old Los Angeles High School football star are now in mourning. Jamiel Shaw, 17, was shot and murdered on Sunday evening by gang members for apparently no reason. Shaw was a good kid, got good grades and was his team’s MVP. According to reports, several colleges were looking at him. On top of it all, his mother is a sergeant on a tour of duty in Iraq. I know this isn’t the time for political commentary, but you can see there is something to be juxtaposed here. Not to fan any flames or tensions, but the gang members were Latino and they inquired as to his gang affiliation. I love all people, but this Black and Brown stuff certainly has to stop. (Thanks, Panther.)


Check this one out from the AP:

A 3-year-old girl who had become intoxicated with alcohol has been released from a Cincinnati hospital. The girl was admitted to the hospital last month with two fractures to her left arm and bleeding on the brain. Her blood-alcohol level was 0.15, nearly twice the legal limit for motorists in Kentucky. She is being cared for by relatives along with her 4-year-old sibling, who was not hurt.

The cops are now looking for somebody to arrest. There were several adults in contact with the kid. Three words: Under The Jail. (Thanks, Lisa.)




Shar Jackson on K-Fed’s ballooning gut:

“It’s daddy weight! When you are a full time parent, sometimes you can’t focus on you.”I don’t know if we can call that Daddy weight. And I will not say “K is really Fed” or call him “K-Fat.” I won’t do that.

Check out my girl Ice cream girl ICAlex from Cleveland. Love her smile. It ain’t alla bout showing ya tailbone!

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