Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil’ Wayne’s New Freestyle! Soulja Boy’s Big Pimple Surgery! Reggie B and Kim K Rocky?



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YESTERDAY’S RUMORS!Hip-Hop Rumors: Slim Thug / Chamillionaire Beef? Eminem’s Granny Drops Dime? Arrested For Being Too Dark?

Hip-Hop Rumors: T-Pain Reality Show? Lil Wayne Part 3! loyd Mayweather and Chilli?

Hip-Hop Rumors: A Rap Pimp Wants Brit Spears! Remy Ma’s Accuser Testifies!



You know, we can all breathe a

collective SIGH regarding Eminem and Dr. Dre. Why? We’ve been waiting forever on these dudes. From

what I have been told most recently, Eminem’s delay

with King Mathers is Marshall is renegotiating his contract with Interscope Records. One the paperwork is all finished, we’ll get that new CD.


Also, a more reliable source than the Enquirer told me that “Em is NOT with Marni, that entire

thing in the National Enquirer is straight bull***t, they had to have made that

up for something to talk about.” Now, from what I understand, they were doing

some stuff, but it is over.





No, they aren’t using crack…well,

maybe they are using Kim’s crack. Anyway, according to theyfb.com, Reggie Bush

and Kim Kardashian might be in bad shape. A few days

ago, the pair attended a basketball game and his ex stepped to her and layed into both of them right there. They say Reggie just

looked at the woman like he didn’t know what she was talking about. Well, that

only added to her rage. Then the lady said that her and Reggie have been having

sex for the past two years and had done it as recently as Saturday. All Kim

reportedly said was, “F**k you.”


In other rumors, I heard that Kim is insuring her butt and

has denied completely that there is any fake junk in her trunk.




There is a terrible rumor spreading throughout The Sunshine

State saying that the popular rapper hung himself in

prison today. I am here to tell you all that this simply isn’t the case. Tampa is alive and he’s

actually trying to get himself out of jail from that third felony conviction.

He’s now serving a life sentence, because he’s a repeat offender. Anyway, he is

awaiting appeal. Stay tuned…




Remember Smooth Da Hustler?

Certainly, you do! I put up some audio a ways back. Guess what he’s been up to?



Smooth Da Hustler told AllHipHop.com, “I was just with Rhymefest working on a joint for the Detox

album. Us and Dangerous LLC, [Chris] Styles and them.

We were sketching something up for the Detox album.

Not sure if it’s going to make the final cut but we were working on that.”


I guess this album is coming out eventually, but nobody

knows when. Anyway, this is good to hear: the hustler is back!


Just a reminder!





I know there has been some discussion on if the Hot Boys

reunion was real or not. I am hearing that it was very, very real. At one

point, I heard BG got on the mic and was extremely

emotional and seemed to be on the verge of crying. I’m not saying crying like a

baby, but more like tearing up. Now, on the flip side, I heard Baby aka The Birdman wasn’t emotional at all. He was mostly into

his Blackberry all night. That’s about all I have for now.





What happens when Soulja boy has

to get surgery on a pimple so big.







I thought I knew it all about Raz

B, but I was wrong. I am sure this will come with a response or an explanation.

I heard the homey Charlamagne of the Wendy Williams

show was talking about how much of a proud poppa Raz

B is. You might not remember Raz, but he is the dude

that claimed to be molested by Chris Stokes and then recanted. This is funny

and then it’s not. I heard from a source that his kid turned two years old and Raz sent the boy $20 and a card. LOL.

Now, I can hear the outrage from all the baby moms out there, but seriously…B2K

has been over for some time now. Raz might not have

the money just yet. I did hear that he and his big brother are working with

Floyd Mayweather now…







I think Pauly Shore

needs to find that rock he crawled out from under and then hit himself with it

until he’s no longer conscious. I find it strange how all of a sudden Black

people are so prosperous because they are IN FACT…BLACK! For over 400 years,

being black was often associated with higher mortality rates, higher homicide

rates, incarceration rates, and a myriad of other ills…but not in 08! Peep the theories

of reverse discrimination of Pauly Shore

aka Gerald Ferraro.



What a loser this dude is. He had his chance years ago on

MTV and the corny movies he did. He is what we call a has





Remember a few months back, when R&B singer Rell got busted for charges related to weed? Well, I heard

that he got off and the charges towards him were eventually dropped.


You might have seen pics online

purporting to be the busty mother of Tocarra. Nah,

that’s not her moms. This I know.


I know there are some that don’t want to hear anything about

50 Cent, but for the latest diss to Terror Squad, click here. Tell me

Photoshop aint the new diss





Mariah Carey on her relationship with Eminem:


“Please! I never had any type of sexual relationship with

that man. I can count the number of people I’ve had sex with on fewer than the

fingers on one hand.”


Young Buck on getting that G-Unit money:


I’m still waiting on a royalty check period, I never

seen a royalty check since I’ve been signed with G-Unit. Put that one

in big black letters n***a!


Rick Ross tells Rolling Stone about his love of rolling up and

getting stoned:


If I’m dozin’ off and I hit a

blunt, it’s like I just slept for four hours. I see colors when I get high –

life looks like a box of Fruit Loops.”


Lauren London to Jewel magazine:


“I’ve had my heart broken twice. It’s been a long time since

I’ve been in a relationship. That’s the story of my life, though. I have to

feel a connection that’s far from sexual. It just has to be right.”


[Illseed note: please…I am the



John Larry Ray, brother of James Earl Ray, defends his brother

as a mere patsy in the Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

[The Daily News]:


“Martin Luther King Jr. was a man admired by millions,

but my brother didn’t kill him. I believe my brother was not only misused by

conspirators within our government but also greatly misconstrued as a ‘racist’

and a ‘murderer’ by the media.”





People are totally gone.


Police have arrested a 17 year old for giving her child and

two other kids crack cocaine. That’s right. She allowed her 2 year old to eat

CRACK. Well, here is the whole story. She went out to go sell some crack and

left these kids with somebody else. When she came back from a long, hard day of

selling crack, she saw that the kids were playing on the plate where she had

cut her coke up. Yeah, they ate some ROCKS. She didn’t want to take the kids to

the hospital and then her son had a seizure. She did and inevitably ended up

snitching on herself. All three kids tested positive for crack cocaine.










BUSH’S DISNEY COMMERCIAL – 5 Year Anniversary of the Iraq




Rumors are a bit shorter today than usual. I’m a bit tired. BBL.Here is a recent song by Smoothe The Hustler and TriggerYESTERDAY, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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