Screen Shot: Grand Theft Auto IV

Developer: Rockstar NorthPublisher: Rockstar GamesRelease Date: 4/29/08Console: Xbox 360 (click to purchase) and PS3 (click to purchase)Special Editions also available for Xbox and PS3 with metal safe, Rockstar duffle bag, key chain and exclusive GTAIV art book

Niko Bellic is on a mission. After coming to Liberty City from Eastern Europe, Niko learned a few harsh lessons about life in America, but has found ways to turn almost everything around in his favor. It truly is the American Dream, and this time around it’s in High Definition!In Rockstar Games’ highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV,  Niko’s antics in Liberty City are even more visually and mentally stimulating. Players will be able to drive the cars, hop in a helicopter, cruise in boats… and the level of interaction is even more exciting as Xbox unleashes multiplayer capability for up to 16 players in a game. The game’s Mature rating is not without merit – be prepared for some slick violence and mayhem! There are now four highly-detailed boroughs to run through, and a little extra room outside of the city. In addition to the multiplayer capability, some more plusses for Xbox users include extra hours of exclusive gameplay, GTAIV Achievements and Gamescore. Diehard fans of the game will also be thrilled with the limited edition Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox console, which was created in celebration of Xbox receiving the game on day one of its release. Limited really does mean limited, as only 250 consoles in the U.S. and 250 in Europe are available.Sonically, we have high expectations. With the recent announcement that DJ Green Lantern is producing the soundtrack for one of the radio stations, it’s looking like Hip-Hop will be bigger and better than ever in Liberty City!With regard to all of the changes and updates on the game, there are a few resources online that have been keeping up on the new functions. Wikipedia has a lot of notes, although not everything is verified here. There are also sites like that are keeping up to the minute news briefs on the game. Rockstar Games just unleashed their new trailer “Everyone’s A Rat” – check it out!

…and here are the rest of the trailers. Enjoy!:

Watch for more episodic content from Xbox in the Fall too!

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