Grandaddy Souf Plans Lawsuit Against Miami Club

A lawyer for Florida rapper Grandaddy Souf plans to file a lawsuit alleging that ten bouncers at Miami hotspot Mansion, were responsible for a 2007 altercation, in which the rapper was beaten and left unconscious on the street.


The incident produced an infamous photo of the former SRC/Universal artist laying unconscious on the sidewalk in front of Mansion with his pants pulled down.


According to The Miami Herald, which obtained an advance copy of the lawsuit, 35-year-old Souf, born Anson D. Watts, recounts that on the night in question, while attending the official after-party for the 2007 Ozone Awards, he was approached by a member of the venue’s security team who requested the rapper’s credentials.


As Grandaddy Souf attempted to explain who he was, the bouncer, John Doe 1 per the lawsuit, allegedly answered, “I don’t give a **** who you are,” and proceeded to hit Souf.


When he shoved the security guard back, Grandaddy Souf says a group of 10 bouncers proceeded to beat him, strip him of his clothing and dump him outside.


He awoke to find that he had been robbed of at least a $10,000 watch.


He was transported to the emergency room at Mount Sinai Hospital.


Upon his release the next morning, he proceeded to his hotel room without filing an incident report with the Miami Beach Police.


Explaining his behavior, the rapper told The Miami Herald that he did not realize it was “within his rights” to file a complaint.


Once filed, Grandaddy Souf’s lawsuit will join at least five other active lawsuits against Club Mansion and its parent companies The Opium Group and Star Island Entertainment.


The most recent of those pending suits was filed earlier this month by three men who were engaged in a fight by the club’s security team over a bar tab dispute.


Eight bouncers were charged aggravated assault and have not been allowed to return to work.


They were due to be arraigned in court on Friday.

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