Hollywood Shuffle: Tyrese In Death Match; Jamie Foxx Goes Solo; Eddie Murphy Is Back! Bokeem Woodbine Takes On Thailand

It was all about the flicks last night in Hollywood. MTV Movie Awards

rolled out the red carpet and we were excited to see some of the movies we’ve

covered this year in the lineup of the chosen few. 



kicked butt this year scoring “Best Movie” and Will Smith made his mark with “Best

Male Performance” for I Am Legend. Other

winners included Ellen Page for “Best Female Performance” in Juno and “Best Summer Movie So Far” went

to Iron Man.

In reinventing and evolving

programming for the upcoming year, MTV is focusing on adding more spinoffs and

genres to the mix of the coming year’s lineups. 

As AllHipHop.com News announced

last week, both 50 Cent and T.I. have new reality shows coming to the network.

We also announced the new anti-gang film I.E., which will star Daz, Kurupt,

Sticky Fingaz, Fredro Star and Bad Azz alongside Bokeem Woodbine.


good to see Hip-Hop and Hollywood coming together. This week’s Hollywood

Shuffle highlights a few actors who whose careers are fledging forward

with no signs of slowing down.

Tyrese Going For

The Gold

 It may be a while before we hear anything on the

music side from Tyrese Gibson, or even Black Ty. Why? The R&B

singer/model/actor has vowed not to step back into the recording studio until

his acting prowess has earned him Hollywood’s golden statue. In his words, “you can just call me Tyrese

Oscar Gibson.” 


As for his quest for the gold, Gibson has signed

on to do Transformers 2 with original

cast members Shia Labeouf, Meagan Fox and Josh Duhamel. He’s also confirmed to

reunite with director John Singleton in the upcoming film Luke Cage, and nabbed the elusive B.A. Baracus role in The A-Team


Gibson’s new film Death Race, a

futuristic thriller by Paul WS Anderson hits theaters August 22. In It, Gibson

takes on the role of prisoner Machine Gun Joe, originally played by Sylvester

Stallone in the 1975 original cult film, Death

Race 2000. The film’s story line traces prisoner Jensen Ames (John Statham of Crank),

who’s forced into a brutal race car game orchestrated by the warden of a

notorious prison (Joan Allen).


Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr.

In The SoloistIt was announced in 2007 that Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr. were

taking on roles in the film The Soloist,

which tells the true tale of schizophrenic musical prodigy Nathaniel Ayers

(Foxx) with a dream, who is discovered by an L.A. Times journalist (Downey

Jr.). The studio has been leaking out official photos from the set since the beginning of ’08, and it

looks very intense.

 The Soloist is slated to be in

theaters on November 21. With the box office success of these two stars in the

past year, the film should be a shoe-in for big opening weekend numbers!


Eddie Murphy Back

On The Beat

 Eddie Murphy is back on the beat as the Detroit

detective Axel Foley in Paramount’s upcoming fourth installment of the Beverly Hills Cop franchise. According

to Variety, Murphy came to Paramount with plans of reviving the franchise that

claimed his status as a box office powerhouse. Reportedly, the three “cop”

films grossed $712.9 million worldwide since the release of the first one

in1984. Powerhouse indeed!


Jerry Bruckheimer, producer of the original Beverly Hills Cop trilogy plans to sit

this one out.  There’s no word yet on who

will step in, but X-Men and Rush Hour director Brett Ratner is

currently in negotiations with Paramount to do the film.



Woodbine’s Caught On Tape


As we mentioned, Bokeem is starring alongside Sticky

Fingaz and several other rappers in the upcoming film I.E. It turns out that

Bokeem is working on yet another project with the former Onyx member – a movie

that Sticky Fingaz wrote and directed called Caught On Tape.


The movie stars Vivica Fox, Kel Mitchell, Cedric The

Entertainer, Keith Robinson, Malik Yoba, Angie Stone and Joe Torry, and

revolves around the story of a young boy who catches his mother’s boyfriend

plotting a crime. The truly interesting thing is that it’s listed on IMDB.com

as a musical… No set release date as of yet though.


On another note, Bokeem is appearing in The Poker House, a film co-written by In

Living Color alumni David Alan Grier. Grier also stars in the diverse cast,

which includes Clarke Peters of The Wire

fame. Woodbine also has a role in the August ’08 release The Fifth Commandment, which takes us to Thailand for some serious

action. Check out the trailer:

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