Eminem Sued Over Bathroom Brawl

A Michigan man filed a lawsuit against rapper Eminem on Thursday (Jul 3), seeking $25,000 in damages, the Detroit News reports.


Miad Jarbou’s assault and battery suit stems from an encounter with Em nearly two years ago in a Detroit strip club.


The plaintiff claims that on July 13, 2006, he and a friend attempted to speak to Eminem after the rapper, born Marshall Mathers III, entered a bathroom with a man assumed to be his bodyguard.


According to Jarbou, his friend spoke first saying, “Hey Eminem, what’s up man?” and was promptly told by the bodyguard to “Shut the f**k up.” Jarbou claims he spoke up in defense of his friend, only to have Eminem step away from a urinal and “without warning or provocation… [driving] his fist in a violent punching manner” into his face.


Jarbou alleges that he fell to the ground after the punch, at which point Eminem and his bodyguard simply left the room.


He is seeking compensation for “physical pain and suffering, emotional distress, ongoing serious injuries requiring medical treatment, embarrassment, humiliation, medical expenses, wage loss, and other economic and non-economic” losses.


This is the second time an assault suit has been brought against Eminem nearly two years after the alleged incident.


In 2002, he was sued by another Michigan man who claimed the artist pistol-whipped outside of a bar, after finding the man kissing his ex-wife Kim.

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