Noreaga Explains Appearance on Adult Site

Last week a video surfaced showing rapper Noreaga being interviewed by the Penny Show on, a popular adult entertainment site.


Immediately rumors began to spread of Nore possibly engaging in sexual acts on the adult section of the video.


Seeking to put an end to the speculation, Nore reached out to to put the rumors to rest.


“First off, when I saw the rumors and headlines of Nore in a porn, I laughed and simply brushed it off thinking there’s no way in the world any one will believe this,” Nore told “Now [that] the rumor has spread to one of my favorite bloggers/websites Illseed [ rumor section], I am here to quickly put this rumor to rest! The video is two years old! I’m on there promoting an album that is already in the stores [N.O.R.E. Y La Familia: Ya Tu Sabes]! So yes the video is two years old and I’m not humping on it!”


Ever the pitchman, Nore is using this opportunity to speak on the progress of a long overdue third album with rhyme partner Capone.


“The only time I took my shirt off was for the CNN album cover photo shoot so that the blogging community had something to laugh at!” Nore quipped. “Go out and get that CNN album and it will explain my connection with that website/porn company, which we do go something in the works, but it ain’t N.O.R.E. showing off my pole in any of it [laughs]. CNN album coming soon!”


In June, CNN released a mixtape through DJ Whoo Kid entitled CNN Back on that Q.U. Sh*t.


The new album, tentatively titled Reporting the War, will feature production from DJ Premier, Alchemist, and Havoc.


Guest MC’s include Tha Dogg Pound, Mob Deep, Shawty Lo, Uncle Murder, The Clipse, and Maino.


At the press time, a release date has not been announced.

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