Infamous ‘Trashman’ Indicted For Threats

A two-count indictment was delivered in New York on Wednesday (July 30) against a Harlem man whose internet video postings aimed to cause panic amongst mothers across the country.


Anton Dunn, who identified himself in his videos as Trashman, is accused of creating a series of videos threatening the lives of millions of infants.


In three videos posted since April 20, 2008, a masked man believed by Food and Drug Administration investigators to be Anton Dunn appears on camera claiming to have ordered the contamination of thousands of bottles of Gerber Baby Food.


Trashman claimed in televised rants that with some help from actual Gerber employees, he would achieve his goal of “getting rid of these Black babies that are gonna be born in 2008 and 2009.”


“We wanna get rid of the future of the Black man,” Trashman said in one video posted on July 24. “We’re trying to get rid of you, destroy you, kill you dead, wipe you out. We’re out to kill your child. We are definitely out to destroy the Black human race of the future. There’s too many n***as and Hispanic babies.”


Trashman, who appears to be African-American, claimed that he had photo proof of his operatives tainting the baby food with cyanide and rat poison.


In other videos, he has claimed to have infected thousands of women with the HIV virus, reportedly threatened executives at, and even took credit for the deaths of Jam Master Jay, Stack Bundles and model Ruslana Korshunova, who committed suicide in June.


Law enforcement officials were alerted to Dunn’s videos after his first “warning” was discovered by a Gerber employee, who then contacted the FDA’s Detroit bureau.


In the following months, the FDA was able to track Dunn using the accounts he had created at


Since the release of his second video on July 24, Gerber has received numerous complaints and questions from consumers concerned about the safety of their children.


The company tells the FDA that it has found no evidence of contamination of tempering with any of it’s products.


And while the accused claimed in one video that at least four children had already died as a result of his actions, the FDA has yet to receive reports of death or injury linked to Gerber products.


Dunn is facing charges of sending threats in interstate commerce and falsely claiming to have tampered with a consumer product.

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