Snoop’s Lawyer Says Bus Registration Current; Talks Arrests

A lawyer for Snoop has disputed printed accounts that the rapper’s tour bus was driving with expired tags when police stopped the vehicle last night (July 31) in Dallas, Texas.


A Dallas police spokesman has confirmed that arrests were made on Snoop Dogg’s tour bus, after police officers stopped the vehicle and smelled the odor of marijuana.


The passengers agreed to a voluntary search and police found 2 ounces of marijuana.


Two men, Kevin Barkey, 26 and Ethan Calhoun, 27, confessed the marijuana was theirs.


“Snoop Dogg and the band appreciate the professionalism displayed by the Texas DPS troopers yesterday afternoon,” Snoop Dogg’s lawyer Chris Lewis told “The tour bus was stopped for what was thought to be expired tags. Upon further investigation, it was determined the bus was current on its registration and was eventually allowed to continue to Snoop Dogg’s show in Dallas.”


The admission of guilt by Barkey and Calhoun prevented Snoop from being charged and allowed the veteran West Coast MC to proceed on to Dallas for the scheduled concert.


Barkey and Calhoun were charged with misdemeanor possession and released on $1,500 bond.


“The alleged offense, a Class B misdemeanor, was listed as less than two ounces of marijuana,” Lewis told “The young men arrested don’t appear to have prior criminal records. I expect that once everything has run its course, there will be a favorable resolution to this case.


“The routine stop was otherwise uneventful,” Lewis stated. “Later in the evening, Snoop Dogg and the band entertained a great crowd in Dallas as they performed with 311 as part of the Unity Tour.”


Last year, Snoop was arrested on allegations of transporting marijuana at an airport in Burbank, California.

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