David Banner Tells a “Different” Story

Recently, AllHipHop reviewed David Banner’s The Greatest Story Ever Told.  While we stand by both our review ratings and out reviews, we also recognize that people and the artists in particular may have a different opinion.  While the resulting comments supported both sides of the coin.  User j.johnson said:

i tend to agree with the review…i was expecting so much more. The

gentleman speaks on the hip v america and to congress in washington and

i was just expecting a different level of music. The name of the album

is the greatest story ever told, but i didnt get that vibe. It started

out like that talking bout jesse and all, and then he went straight to

the club, talking bout his candy paint, knocking a nigga out in a

club…this is the same music people (masses) have a problem with, you

speak about it publicy very well, then make the same music. Now…its

not whack, he raps about those things on beat and it sound good for

what it is but i was kinda let down personally, i was just expecting

more. I still am a fan though.

While user gargameljermel said:

Let’s be realistic for a second: Banner said on Hip-Hop vs. America that his only responsibilty as an artist is to sell records so of course you’re

going to hear the contradictory tracks on this album because he still

has to sell records. If that’s the case Nas is just as inconsistent

with his tracks on Untitled. Both albums are deserving of 9 out of 10

and they are far more better than Wayne’s album of no substance just

metaphors on top of metaphors.

Below, and unedited is David Banner’s Opinion/defense of his album.

The Greatest Story Ever Told tells… a story.  It gives a lyrical account of a series of events. Have you ever read a story that was free from variation or contradiction? As people, we are not one dimensional. Our lives are made of different experiences that invite,and often forces, us to react in different ways.One song, or experience, may appear to contradict another…but that’s how real life is. A Spiritual Man might behave as a killer, or even a pimp, under the wrong set of circumstances.  Everything we are…every experience we have… good or bad…ties together. The harmony is created when we keep breathing…when we keep growing. That’s what I did with this album.Everything is not for everybody. I speak to and for the streets with my music. Every song, interlude, and break was strategically placed t move the listener from one chapter to the next.And there are very few stories that only have one character.  The Artists featured on my album helped keep the pages turning.  That in no way distracts nor takes away from my performance or what I created.A friend of mine always says that “words have meaning…”  Some of ya’ll might want to look up the words “story”, “contradict”, and “consistent” before trying to use them in a sentence. I’m not the same David Banner who did Mississippi: The Album I’ve grown. Don’t hate so much that you can’t keep up.

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