Hip-Hop Rumors: A Video Dedication To Bernie Mac

Bernie Mac had been around for years, but when I first really took notice of him was – ironically – under a Hip-Hop platform.



“I ain’t scared of you mother f***kers,” Bernie Mac screamed at the Def Comedy Jam audience.


I loved his style.


He was a rebel. His comedic routine was for his fan base and he refused to change it to fit in the American norm. He made the other side come to him and he was hugely successful for his ability to be audacious, but thought provoking as well.


People should understand that Bernie was a total father, husband and family man. I am hearing his family is hurting. I am hearing that even is TV family is in tremendous pain, because Mac was such a great person.


So, we mourn. (Read the news story here.)


But let’s also celebrate, if possible. Bernie Mac made so many people laugh and escape the daily stress and pressure of life. He made us laugh until our stomachs hurt, until tears streamed down our faces.His favorite phrase was “Kick ass” and that’s just what Bernie Mac did every step of the way as a comic.

He’ll always be alive due to the quality of his life and efforts as an entertainer.


Our prayers and thoughts are with his family and extended family.


Here is my introduction to Bernie Mac and several other videos to celebrate the life and times of Bernie Mac. (Parental Advisory – explicit lyrics and content.)



Bernie’s second time on Def Comedy Jam!

Bernie rocks the crowd as a “King of Comedy.” He talks about his sister’s kids’ milk and cookies. (This was also the premise of “The Bernie Mac show.” The Kings of Comedy was the most successful comedy tour ever.)

Bernie Mac and Chris Rock at their best!

Check out Bernie Mac in a different setting with esteemed journalist Charlie Rose. Forward to 23:00 minutes in.

Bernie Mac explains the usefulness of the term “mother f***er” and the various incarnations of it.

Bernie is so down with Hip-Hop. Check him out in one of the “House Party” movies. Ironically, he gives a shout out to Robin Harris, another beloved comic that died.

Bernie had a memorable role as Officer Self-Hatred in “Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood.”

LASTLY – here is Bernie Mac’s Life Lesson: “Be yourself.”

ADDENDUM: Rest in Peace to the great Bernie Mac. Let me help out illseed for a sec since he forgot to include Friday in the mix… -aquaBERNIE MAC, WE LOVE YOU!  REST IN PEACE, BROTHER!

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