Out of Bounds: Hello, Goodbye… Hello! The Favre Comeback Saga


Let’s take a sec and think back. We’re

gonna hop into my DeLorean, crank up the old Flux Capacitor, and go back to a time when a certain someone

retired from professional football. I’ll do my best to give you all the

abridged version, but I would be remised if I left out any key points.



to NFL.com, ESPN.com, and

Gene Wojokowski

for their up-to-date timelines of the Brett Favre/Green

Bay Packer saga:


1/20/08, Packers lose NFC Championship Game



to an interception from Favre and a

47-yarad field goal by Lawrence

Tynes, the Green Bay Packers’ season

was over – and so was their dream of another trip to the Super Bowl.


3/06/08, Favre retires


No more guessing games. We can all move on peacefully with our lives and sleep

easier knowing that we won’t have wonder if he’s retiring. He’s done. He’ll

never come back unless it’s for “Old-Timer’s” Day or when the Packers retire

his number.  At least that’s what we thought

at the time. Then again, we were wrong.


On the

other side of town, The Madden Cruiser had a dark, rainy cloud hovering over it as John Madden

sat in a corner with tears in his eyes. He opened a bottle of red wine, lit

some candles, listened to some Sade on his iPod and stared at a picture that reminded

him of happier times. Madden fell asleep with tears on his pillow and realized

that his “bro-mance” was no more.



Month of April


Rumors begin

to circulate of a comeback and Favre denies these rumors. Of course he would

deny the rumors. What evil mastermind do you know would reveal their plans to

the enemy? That’s like Cobra

Commander sending a member of the Crimson Guard to G.I. Joe Headquarters with their plans to steal the B.E.T. Go get G.I. Joe the Movie for reference



Favre’s Agent, Bus Cook, decides to play the role of Destro to Favre’s Cobra Commander, and got the ball rolling by contacting other teams

to inquire about trading for Favre. You always send the “little man” to do the dirty

work for the Kingpin.  


There was the possibility that

Favre knew that the Packers were ready to move on without him and to make

things easy for everybody, he gets traded to another team. That way, he continues to play and the Packers can go

ahead with the Aaron Rogers era.


Then, during an interview, Favre says he might consider a comeback if the opportunity

was presented to him. I guess he was just keeping his options open. By now, its

evident Favre wants to come back.


6/20/08: Coach Mike McCarthy is told by Farve

that he may want to play again



to McCarthy, NFL.com

reported that Favre told him (McCarthy), “You and Ted (Thompson) need to have a

plan if I do come back. Either give me my helmet or give me my release.”


Hold up; you (Favre) just retired, the Packers have moved

on with you in preparation for the season, they’re one month away from training

camp, and you want to return to the team? Plus, you want to throw ultimatums

around about your return. You, as we say on the block, are buggin’. 



Months of July and August:


So much

went down in the month of July; I really don’t have the time and patience to go

through it all.  That’s why you have the

links to the timelines from ESPN.com and NFL.com. Between the text messaging,

the 10-year, $25 million contract offer and the reinstatement; everything went

from bad to worse.


In all

honesty, do we really need to see the timeline; this story has been following

us throughout the entire off season. It’s now gotten to the point that we can

recite the entire saga like it’s a bedtime story.


To make

a long story short, once Favre was reinstated, he met with Coach McCarthy and

it was decided that it was in the best interest for both sides to divorce. A

day later, Favre was traded to the


Jets, Jets, Jets, and Green Bay gets a conditional Draft Pick that

gets higher in rounds depending on Favre’s performance. For now, New York is celebrating.



saga had more chapters than the Star Wars series – and finally, it’s done. We

can all move on peacefully with our lives and sleep easier knowing that Favre

has a team and the Packers will move on. Wait a minute; I said the same thing

about his retirement earlier, and look at how that turned out. Damn it!



line is this: both sides were right and wrong in their stances. Favre should

have never retired if he felt he was going to have the urge to play again. He

could do whatever he wants, but just because he has that right; it doesn’t mean its right.

I commend him for not taking the 10-year, $25 million contract offer. Had he taken that contract, he would have looked like a

sellout.  Remember, throughout this

entire ordeal, Favre keep saying that all he wanted to do was “just play football.”



Packers made their bed with Aaron Rogers and were ready to lie in it. They know

this kid is no Favre, but they’re ready to move on and start fresh. They

stood by their guy and that should give Rogers

the confidence he needs to do well this season. Only time will tell if he’s

ready for the big show.


At the

same time, the Packers should have been upfront with Favre from start and told

him that there was no room for return once he signed his papers for retirement.

Considering the fact that he has “straddled the fence” for the past few years

about his retirement, they could have added a clause that stated that if he did

want to return to the team or football in general as a player, he would have to

give some of his contract money back to the team.


That could

have kept him away. Then again, it may have not, considering all he wanted to

do is “just play football.”

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