Sunday Selection: Monica ft. Ludacris “Still Standing”

It’s ironic that I am talking about a new single from Monica only two weeks after talking about a new one from Brandy. These ladies have had parallel singing careers, and it’s ironic that they have both decided to make a comeback around the same time.We’ve watched Monica grow from her start back in 1995 and blossom into a woman and now a mother of two. While Monica has had her own set of trials and tribulations along with a host of growing pains, her new single “Still Standing” is a true testament to how she’s weathered the storm.When I heard this song for the first time I liked it, and I think that’s because it helps define who Monica is now. It’s always good for an artist to connect with her fan base and I think with this song she does just that.There’s one thing about Monica that I always appreciate; she always sings with soul. No matter what she’s singing about her sound always stays consistent and because of that I am looking forward to a new album from her. From what I’ve read about Monica’s new album its set for a 2008 release and the song “Still Standing” isn’t necessarily what her and her record company agreed to as a first single. It’s something they’ve decided to put out to see what kind of response they will get. Take a listen and tell me what you think it about “Still Standing” and how do you think it compares to Brandy’s new single “Right Here (Departed)”? Not to get into a Brandy/Monica debate, but I just wonder how well the ladies will do in 2008. After all, they better time their albums correctly, because Mrs. Carter is in the studio and set for a fourth quarter release. And you know when she bounces back, she stomps on the competition. Until next week, y’all enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection – “Still Standing”

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