Kanye West Speaks On His Arrest

Despite his reputation for openly voicing his frustrations, Kanye West chose a rather mellow response to being arrested Thursday morning (Sept. 11) at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on a felon vandalism charge.


The rapper/producer, who was released Thursday afternoon on $20,000 bail, briefly spoke out on his LAX altercation with paparazzi members and arrest shortly after his release on his blog.


“We back in the lab!!! I’m cool with the paparazzi,” West wrote. “This guy wasn’t cool. I gotta work now… I’ll rant later!”


The blog entry is the latest chapter of an incident that stemmed from the entertainer approaching an unidentified photographer, who took pictures of the rapper, and grabbing his camera at the American Airlines terminal of the Airport.


A struggle between the two resulted in West wresting the camera away from the photographer and breaking it as he threw it to the ground.


West, who was scheduled to board a flight to Honolulu, Hawaii with his road manager Don Crowley,who also lunged at a TMZ videographer when he reportedly realized that the earlier altercation was videotaped.


The rapper and Crowley, who also damaged the TMZ camera, were later charged with felony vandalism.

West, who is currently in Hawaii, is due in court on Oct. 2.

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