Sunday Selection: Jennifer Hudson – “I’m His Only Woman” ft Fantasia

I can’t stress over and over how much I love a good ol’ duet! And it’s ironic because in the last seven days, all the new music I came across were all collaborations. I think I heard close to eight new duets this week and initially I wanted to place at least half of them in this week’s Sunday Selection but I told myself – NO! I’m going to pick the one that resembles Old School R&B the best. The song I have chosen takes you back to the dusty end of the DJ crates. It’s one of those R&B joints were you have two powerhouse voices battling it out over every woman’s weakness – a man…So get your popcorn ready because the ladies are warmed up and ready to throw blows!In this corner we have Jennifer Hudson; a newcomer with a strong voice, recently engaged, has an Oscar in her possession and is serious about her man. And standing across the room is her opponent Fantasia Barrino, who isn’t quite a seasoned vet, but she’s two albums ahead of Hudson and even though she doesn’t have an Oscar, she played herself in a movie about herself only two years landing her deal with J Records. She was also drafted by Oprah Winfrey to play the role of “Celie” in the Broadway production of The Color Purple. Oh yeah, and by the way, Fantasia is serious about her man too.Both opponents hail from American Idol fame. Both work under the direction of Clive Davis. Both sing like it’s Easter Sunday at Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church. And both ladies have ties to the character, “Tony” in the new single “I’m His Only Woman”.The bell has rung, the ladies are in the ring and Fantasia kicks off the fight and Jennifer Hudson strikes back. Blow for blow, punch for punch these ladies battle it out in “I’m His Only Woman.” Who packed a harder punch? I’ll let you all decide. And although I was told this song was originally intended to include Jennifer Hudson and Jazmine Sullivan, I think it was a better move to use Fantasia instead. This song reminds me of Shirley Brown’s 1974 classic hit “Woman to Woman” and I just want to say thank you to these two ladies because we needed a song like this to remind us that R&B doesn’t always have to be married to Hip-Hop. I’m feeling this joint, and I hope the ladies will do more work together in the future. Until next week y’all enjoy this week’s Sunday Selection – “I’m His Only Woman”Poll Answers

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