BREEDING GROUND: State Property Delivers,EPMD Gets Busy, Underground Shines

New York’s legendary

S.O.B.’s was the spot and AllHipHop’s Breeding Ground Showcase was the event

Tuesday night as some of the hungriest up and coming acts in Hip-Hop got

together with EPMD and a reunited State Property combined to make history.


After the first couple

artist got minimal response, the first rise of the night came from group Sic

Osyrus. The hype man certainly earned his check.  Solid production and good stage energy even though his steeze with bleached out jeans and Reebok classics was kinda meh. With

a stylist some work and good production he could make some noise.


Next notable artist was Tabi

Bonney straight from West Africa by way of

DC.  He had definite charisma even

thought his songs had few words. 808 heavy retro 80’s beats.  Floating phrases a la the Beasties/ DMC

style. He’s got a buzz from his joint “Put Me In Your Pockt” tht the crowd

responded to well.


Representing the West Coast

was Ya Boy who cocked over Dre’s “Keep Your Heads Ringing” to get over the

crowd’s non familiarity.  He dropped his

song “Floss” which was also bass heavy. 

Not spectacular but enough to keep the bounce.  Production seemed to be the real difference

in crowd response up to this point.


Underground femme fatale Nina

B was the first surprise of the night, easily blowing everyone before her off

the stage with an a capela when they couldn’t find her music.  After that she did about as well as a non

star could do with breath control, stage presence, and clear lyrics. Nice flow,

no gratuitous tough talk.  She rapped

over “I Get money” which is almost impossible to be wack to, but then gave the

80’s grownups some brain freeze by killing it over Madonna’s “Material Girl.”

Some guy in the front is a lil too excited but hey, rock out. Pleasant




Next up was Skyzoo, who has

been killing the underground lyrically in recent months. Rhymed over a medley

of old bangers from the 80’s as well. 

When he did rhyme he looked very polished and he had good crowd

control.  His stage show was uneven

though, as he spent a lot of time talking while beats played.  Had he rapped more he certainly had the crowd

with him and he looks like he can go in this game.



Veteran Sha Stimuli stepped

to the stage with a freestyle to die for with a alphabet song. Illness. He’s got

a ton of talent and skill.  He’s

certainly got charisma and presence, but you can’t put your finger on why he’s

not on that next level but he’s clearly polished as a performer.  His show gained strength the longer he was on

stage and culminated with a furious burst that brought the crowd to frenzy. If

you don’t know about this guy then please get familiar.


The undercard

was EPMD.  No matter how many times you

see them they are very dependable.  They

WILL rip.  They mainly stayed to the

first two albums, probably due to the absence of DJ Scratch.  I can’t lie, even though their show DJ was

adequate, it’s very strange seeing them rock without Scratch. Hope they work it

out.  Keith Murray showed up for a crowd

pleasing rendition of “Most Beautifullest Thing,” and the stage was set for


 The Dynasty is

dead, regardless of what Jay-z says.  The

reason for that is because the State Prop part of the Roc was not together

anymore.  AllHipHop put the hammer down

and got the bulk of them (sans Neef and Oschino) back together with a bit of

Peedi Crack on top.  They looked like

they never missed a beat.  Passing the

mics back and forth with ease like they’d been practicing 5 Heartbeats style.


What was so

ill was that they didn’t depend on Free and Beans to bring the heat, they all

went in. I can admit I was a Peedi doubter but he got it off.  So did young Chris (conspicuously the only

one still wearing the Roc chain) and Sparks.  No forgotten lyrics, no miscues and fluid transition.  These guys are professional, don’t try this

at home.  After sitting through so many

acts you would expect audience fatigue but there was none to be found. Philly

was in the building and the Prop didn’t need the ROC to Rock. ‘Nuff Said.


Shout to all

the performers, shout to the fans for supporting, shout to the AllHipHop staff,

shout to Syn City, Hot 97’s DJ Envy for hosting, and peace to S.O.B.’s one of

the true Hip-Hop venues who support the culture implicitly.

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