BG & Chopper City Boyz: Life In The Concrete Jungle (Album Review)

After leaving his former recording home over financial woes, BG manned up and showed that there is indeed life after Cash Money. In the process he put together his own New Orleans squad to represent his new movement. Originally consisting of BG, brother Hakim, VL Mike, Snipe and Gar, the crew released We Got This in 2007.

Now minus Hakim, and VL Mike who was tragically gunned down earlier this year, the crew returns with Life In The Concrete Jungle (KOCH). While this sophomore effort has a nice mix of laid back harmonic beats, the album is plagued by subpar lyricism and repetitive subject matter.

On “Keep It Real,” the group states that there are those who keep it real, and those who don’t; B.G. says he’ll stay to his beliefs. He even gives a shout out to T.I.P., urging authorities to stop being so hard on the ATL lyricist: “Safety comes first, that’s what he had them guns fo’ / So let him go, he aint did nothin’ wrong / He was one of the first helpin’ my people after the storm / He a standup dude / A real hood n**** / We all convicted felons but we still good n****s.”

“Bubble Gum” is a mid-tempo, Southern bounce club song reminiscent of Three 6 Mafia. Surely this song will get love in strip clubs but it does little to keep the momentum going. “Don’t Step On My White Feet” has Gar warning everyone not to step on his kicks with little creativity. Fellow Louisiana statesman Hurricane Chris also makes a guest spot on “Bizness” assuring listeners that he’ll do what he has to do even if it means resorting to violence.

The cliché “Dealer” glorifies hustling and life in the trap, while “My Life” featuring USDA member Bloodraw, simply states the words they recite are bred from real experiences. Lastly, “Be Kool,” provides a highlight with BG proclaiming that talks of a Hot Boys reunion are indeed true: “You want it, it’s a Hot Boy reunion in a minute / Turk be home in a minute / He had to do a bid, but he almost finished.”

Overall Life In The Concrete Jungle is a two-sided coin. It’s filled with tales of the glory and prosperity of life on the streets, as well as the dire consequences of being dedicated to hood life. While Gar and Snipe have their moments, B.G. usually saves the tracks that are dead in the water. Additionally the mix of flowing, mellow and hard hitting beats rescue those songs that even B.G. can’t help. Amid the album’s bright spots, the guys do what they do best but it’s not enough to survive in the music industry jungle much longer.

B.G. & Chopper City Boyz

“Keep It Real”

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