Violator All Star DJ’s Join Forces With Shadyville DJ’s

Two of the strongest DJ organizations in Hip-Hop have joined forces to increase their ability to impact the music that gets played across the country.


Effective immediately, DJ Whoo Kid’s Shadyville DJs will be working with the Violator All Star DJs to simultaneously break records in their respective fields.


The Violator All Star DJs, established in 2002 as a division of Violator Management, have risen to prominence as one of the most influential DJ organizations in radio.


Comprised of approximately 50 DJs and producers, the organization claims members in positions at each of the major urban radio stations across the country, a position they use to introduce new music to the airwaves.


The Shadyville DJs, on the other hand, influence a less conventional, yet equally important tool for new artists and labels looking to break new music.


The organization, founded by in 2005 DJ Whoo Kid and former label promotions executive Akio “AK” Watson, is a coalition of mixtape, satellite radio and syndicated radio DJs across the globe, bolstering their efforts through viral video marketing, the internet, television and media outlets.


“The Shadyville DJs have the streets, we can take you from the streets to radio. The Violator All Star DJs have radio on smash. They can take you from radio to the masses. No other DJ crew can support a record on radio the way they can,” Watson told


While the two crews will be working together on the majority of their forthcoming projects, they will retain their individual names and rosters, Watson and Scrap Dirty explained.


All parties involved believe that this new arrangement will not only help brand both the Shadyville DJs and the Violator DJs, but also redefine the standard for such organizations.


“It’s like you got two cars in the same building, why not just take one of them and go after the same goals,” added Violator DJ’s founder Scrap Dirty, who launched the organization shortly after disbanding the TechNitions, one of the first major radio crews that paved the way for the many organizations that are in play today.


“At the end of the day, the powers that be are going to hit us up at the same time and say ‘we need y’all to break this record.’ So why not be on the same page and do it before they come to us,” Scrap Dirty said.

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