Suge Knight Faces Drug Charges from August Assault

has verified that Suge Knight will face felony drug charges stemming

from his August 27 arrest for the alleged assault of girlfriend Melissa



reports reveal that officers arrived and witnessed Knight wielding a

knife and punching a naked Isaac in a parking lot off the Las Vegas



district attorney David Roger, Knight was arrested that night for

felony assault, misdemeanor domestic violence, and for the illegal

drugs Ecstasy and hydrocodone (a codeine-based pain reliever). With the

lab reports now completed, the path has been cleared to file a criminal



took a while for the lab to analyze the substances, which cause a delay

in filing the charges,” Roger explained. “Considering Mr. Knight’s

notoriety, these are serious charges.”


felony complaint will charge Knight on Monday November 17 with battery

and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.


assault charge on Knight remains in jeopardy, as the alleged victim

Melissa Isaac has gone missing since the incident. At the time of her

disappearance, Isaac was scheduled to testify against the former Death

Row CEO in court.


without Isaac, Roger’s prosecution team has vowed to move forward with

the case, as two arresting officers were witness to the assault.

At press time, Suge Knight could not be reached for comment.

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