Welcome back to the newest edition of TOP 5 DEAD OR ALIVE. For those not in the know, we ask MC’s, ballers, weed carriers, and those ever pesky “I’m not a rapper, I’m a hustler” types who lands in their top five list. Simple enough right? Yeah we thought so.This week we got Max B. The former Dipset / Byrdgang member has kept his wave going with a flood of material on the streets. Never humble, Biggavel’s picks are crazy to say the least. If you are easily OUTRAGED by the Rap hi jinks, then turn back now. Don’t say we didn’t warn y’all.


5. The Notorious B.I.G.

Max B.: B.I.G. had them creepy stories. He made them vivid, he did everything vivid. He was a big nasty n**** but b*****s loved him at the same time. He had that wave. B.I.G. was wavy. The West Coast at the time was tough, they had the beats. They had the music; they had the hooks and all that so that’s why they were smashing the game. The east coast n****s gave them problems. Puff came with the different music, the hooks, the samples and B.I.G. had the street sh*t so they brought it back. That ’94, ’95 wave.


B.I.G. had a lot of joints. He had “N****s Bleed”, “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You”; that was my joint. I’ll go with that one; that was my favorite. I liked the darker joints from B.I.G. I was never a big fan of “Gimme The Loot”; I don’t think that was his tempo. It was a little too angry and rowdy for me. I’m a smooth music type n****. I like the smooth hard stuff.


4. 2Pac

Max B.: ‘Pac was a renegade; it was him against the world. He delivered that great music for the people. He spoke his peace and spoke for what he believed in. To me Pac’s best work was All Eyez On Me. He came home with that wolf wave; that hunger. Even when he was bombing on the east coast, the music was still good so I was still riding with it. All Eyez On Me was everywhere.


1., 2., 3. Max B.

Max B.: I’m the top three then there’s Pac and B.I.G. I’m three n****s in one. Everybody always put up the five that they say is the five. I ain’t with that. I got my own five. Nobody do my sh*t. I’m an originator. I put out a hundred something songs this year, how about that. Let’s talk about that.


[His response when asked to reconsider his choices for 1.,2., and 3.]


Max B.: Top five what? I told you I was the top three. We all know who the hottest n**** in the street is man. I am the top three and Pac and B.I.G. is after me. I am the greatest. Nobody can do what I do, nobody. If I don’t think like that, there’s isn’t no Biggavel. I keeps it wavy baby.


                                                  THE SIDEBAR:

When he’s not rocking fifty dollar skullies and riding on Jim Jones, the man known as Wavy Crokett is chasing that check.

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