Jadakiss. Been a minute since your last album.  Since the last  Lox album. Since you said you was Top 5 Dead or Alive.  There have been a couple verses  here and there but no body of work to add or detract from that statement.Signed to the Roc without the Beans or the Free. Back on D Block with no Jae Hood. Slow market.  The tight clothes and the hippies are flooding the “streets” with some new d that’s closer to a soft high than that hard white. What’s a hustler to do?Get your ass back in that lab.  Come back with a better product.  Hit the streets with a couple doses.  That cypher was aiight but it wasn’t raw enough.  That Neyo collabo…it’s cool but nooot quite that fire.  What’s good my dude?  Grab one of those frown your face beats and go in with more purpose than you have in years and grab the James Brown (hardest working man) of the game right now in Weezy and give the hood a “Death Wish.” Top 5 Dead or Alive? Unno.  But is this new joint hard enough to rock those corners?  Let the fans decide. Bump It or Blow It.  Deathwish.  Shout to DJ Plus and Pirate Pete. Later.

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