R&B Rewind: Jamie Foxx – “Infatuation”

Artist: Jamie FoxxSong: “Infatuation”?Year: 1994?Album: Peep This?Hey everybody! It’s Wednesday and it’s time for another R&B Rewind! Every week I am fortunate to get suggestions from many of you about which songs to cover next. I appreciate all of your ideas, so please keep them coming! But anyway, let’s get to this week’s pick. He got his start back in the ‘90s. Some of his accolades include a stint on In Living Color where he played the character Wanda, the television show The Jamie Foxx Show, and just three years ago he won an Oscar for his portrayal of Ray Charles. Well before the Oscar and the television show, and before landing on the hit song “Slow Jamz” with Kanye West and Twista, and releasing Unpredictable in 2005, Jamie Foxx dropped his first actual first CD Peep This back in 1994. I actually have this disc in my archives collecting dust with all my other CDs from the ‘90s, and I must admit every time I see it I smile because I wonder how many other people actually have the CD too. If you’ve followed Jamie Foxx’s singing career you probably remember the single “Infatuation” even though the album Peep This was more of an underground release. Man, this song takes me back! I remember I didn’t even know that Jamie Foxx could sing until I caught his stand up Straight from The Foxx Hole back in 1993. All I knew at the time was that Jamie Foxx was the guy from In Living Color who was funny as hell. But when I saw him sing during his stand up, I was taken by surprise. He wasn’t someone that harmonized well and could hold a note, but a singer that touched you within when he sang. He had that take you to First Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church sound, something a lot of us love and appreciate. Jamie Foxx has excelled to levels unimaginable today and I’m sure some of you probably didn’t know his singing career stretched this far back. And coming up this Sunday I am going to touch on a new single from him off his new album so make sure you check out “Sunday Selection” this week. I have a few things to say about Mr. Foxx and the current direction of his singing career and new album. Well y’all thanks for taking time out to read what I had to say.  Until next week y’all enjoy this week’s R&B Rewind – Jamie Foxx’s “Infatuation”Infatuation – Jamie Foxx

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