Brand Profile: DimePiece

DimePiece is a brand all about putting women in control.


As stated on their provacative official website: “A DimePiece is a woman who appeals to her audience with genuine swag. She is a self-governing revolutionary who embodies all that is sexy. She proclaims her opinion and attitude through her adventurous dress. She is educated by the books as well as the streets. Our products are for all who want to make a statement and aren’t afraid to leave the restrictions at the door. Let’s be a go-getter, a kitten with claws, a fashion aficionado, and a memorable individual who is essentially the perfect ten.”


Celebrity DimePiece supporters include Rihanna, the Kardashians, Lindsay Lohan, Nina Sky and more.


Lindsay Lohan in DimePiece


Nina Sky in DimePiece


Check out these edgy tops we just got in by Dimepiece, available on our sister site


 Ain’t No Wifey Tank by DimePiece


Tounge Action Tank by DimePiece


 Laser Tunic by DimePiece


 Plastic City Tank by DimePiece


 Logo Tank by DimePiece


Napolean Vest and Barbie Clones Tank by DimePiece


 Images: Revive Blog

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