Monday Fashion Feature: “Celeb Style: Chris Brown”

Most of the time you hear Chris Brown’s name lately, it’s still in regards to his drama involving ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris Brown But we would like to take a quick breather from that situation and ask you what you think of his style game.

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Most recently at Pleasure P’s album release party, wearing a G-shock watch.

Speaking of Rihanna, it seems like they both own their style now versus when they first came out on the scene.


Breezy a few years back

Their looks got a lot edgier – Rihanna with her wild black hair and haute couture wardrobe, and Chris with his many tattoos, recent mohawk hairdo, etc. He’s obviously into skate/street wear, being spotted in brands like Sabit and Money Clothing.


He cleans up when it comes to court dates and red carpet time, usually wearing suits with personality.



Images: Bossip

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