Melody Ehsani: Couture Hip-Hop


One could easily dismiss Melody Ehsani as an exotic fashionista…if one is the sort to judge books by covers. However, upon further review and acquaintance, it is apparent that there are several layers to Melody. She is of Persian decent, but born and reared in L.A. She’s oddly, b-girlish yet unapologetically couture. One that deals in the seedy world of music and fashion, yet very spiritual. Cassie’s shaved sides were old news to Melody. That was years ago. The rapidly rising designer has successfully carved out a niche that began with unique women’s shoes to accessories that evoke old school Hip-Hop. Melody is a true original and her stylings have been embraced by the likes of Erykah Badu, Musiq Soulchild, Keri Hilson, Vanessa and Angela Simmons and so many others, she can hardly remember.

In accordance with Ehsani’s fresh designs, AllHipHop decided to break our own mold and interview Melody over Instant Messenger, even after an in-person meeting. The conversation was took place as Jigsaw was in a boring panel discussion and Melody was at her Los Angeles home working on designs while watching Will Smith on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.” Observe what transpired and see what Melody Ehsani has to offer your world and beyond.

jigsaw: U there?

melody_ehsani: yessur

jigsaw: Wnna do this now??

melody_ehsani: yessur

melody_ehsani: how goes it?


jigsaw: Good! Trying to catch u


melody_ehsani: do we need a vid cam?


jigsaw: Oh wait


melody_ehsani: cuz i dont have one on this comp


jigsaw: I’m sorry, I thought u wanted to do it on ichat


melody_ehsani: yeah thats fine


melody_ehsani: thats better


jigsaw: Ok great…ready?


melody_ehsani: yes i am


jigsaw: Ok…so, tell me about your company, give me a basic



melody_ehsani: basically i strive to create fashion products that are cutting

edge, yes still affordable for women


melody_ehsani: im trying to bring back originality to the design game


jigsaw: Can you describe your style?


melody_ehsani: where everything doesnt look the same…thats why I work twice

as hard to offer the general public customizable options


melody_ehsani: my style is ever advancing…at the moment becoming more

simple and sophisticated


melody_ehsani: very influenced by music and culture


jigsaw: I’ve noticed a hip hop flair, but its not over the

top…care to explain hip hop’s affect in particular?


——————————– 7:45 pm



melody_ehsani: hip hop was integral in my upbringing…it helped me define

who I was in the world…and made me aware of what authenticity and

passion looked like at a young age…I looked up to hip hop artists

because they went up against inertia to create something new in the

world that had never existed before…and despite how hard it was to

create that position, it felt like it was effortless, cuz it was meant

to be…and they were always on 10 with outshining each other…but back

then as opposed to now, it was who can be more creative and different.

So naturally my asthetic was affected by this love..


jigsaw: What artists/artist style do you recollect as influential

that have transcended the times?


melody_ehsani: big daddy kane, slick rick, salt n pepa, ll cool j, run

dmc….all of them really, but kane and salt n pepa were my fave.

melody_ehsani: the pop world back then was also doing big things…there was

def influence there too with janet, mj, prince, paula abdul even!


jigsaw: What is hip hop doing right or wrong from a fashion point

of view, in your opinion?


jigsaw: (Love paula abdul, straight


melody_ehsani: haha me too


——————————– 7:52 pm



melody_ehsani: Hip hop now seems to have turned into a sort of conformist

culture as far as fashion is concerned ,every now and then you’ll see

something inventive, but nothing memorable…instead of whos more

creative, it seems like everyone wants to know who has more…who has

more diamonds around their neck, who has the bigger sneaker

collection… and everyones wearing the same looks very

uniform. Personality doesnt come thru like it used to.


jigsaw: What about folks like Kanye, Lupe…?


——————————– 7:56 pm



melody_ehsani: I love that Kanye is trying to break the mold and that hes

bringing fashion to the hood….but i feel like it was better when

fashion started in the hood and then got taken to the runway.

Nevertheless, their style in particular is very classic and safe. I love

it….but Id love it more if there was some more diversity in artists

wardrobe, more vintage pieces, more custom items, mix it up


jigsaw: Nice answer!


melody_ehsani: [:D]


jigsaw: You style accessorize for several artists. Can you run

some down?


melody_ehsani: run the artists?


jigsaw: Like, saul, badu…


jigsaw: Tell me the artists u work with


melody_ehsani: In the last year Ive worked with/for Rihanna, Erykah Badu,

Ciara, Musiq Soulchild, Alicia Keys, Neyo

melody_ehsani: just to name a few….i cant really remember them all lol


jigsaw: Well, excuse me! What is it about you that you feel is

attractive to them?


——————————– 8:05 pm



melody_ehsani: I think that its different, theres nobody else thats really

doing anything like what I do…and its very bold and defining. I think

its important for artists to be able to convey who they are and what

they’re about using their wardrobe, and my items do that. They stand

out….I think I have a good understanding of knowing how to blend

different elements to create something special that speaks to them and

in turn to their audience.


jigsaw: what artist do you enjoy working with the most if you have

a favorite…


——————————– 8:09 pm



melody_ehsani: On a personal level, I really love working with Erykah

Badu…she gets fashion…and she allows me to design from a very free

place. I think shes such a free artist…if that makes sense… I never

second guess what I make her because I feel like she really sees me for

who I am, and trusts my eye.


jigsaw: What about men? There are a few names, but not much there

for the guys!


——————————– 8:13 pm



melody_ehsani: Yes…most of the stuff Ive made for men are custom pieces,

Nas started wearing a custom 3 finger ring and that made it okay for the

rest of the men to jump on the bandwagon, lol. I dont think men are

ready for what I make…Im not sure if they’re secure enough to rock

bold colorful pieces that are made out of acrylic. This is not a dis in

any way…Im just not confident that they’re ready for me from a fashion

standpoint. Im waiting for a male muse to inspire me in that


jigsaw: we’ve talked past and present. give me the future for melody ehsani.

melody_ehsani: The next step is retail stores, i look forward to expanding the collection into clothing and homeware…I see it authentically growing into a strong lifestyle brand.













The many shoes of Melody Ehsani.

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