Hip-Hop Rumors: Royce Signs To Shady?



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Whats up everybody? This is the Gunshow aka The AllHipHop Staff. We’d like to take the time to interrupt the normal rumors with a Rumor Buster Report.


DJ Butta, a long running DJ from Detroit sent the following out on Twitter, to the internets’ delight.


“chillin chillin. Just heard Eminem signed Royce (Congrats). Detroit need the unity back R.I.P. to all Detroit’s Rap Pioneers”


The office went crazy!


We were cheering and screaming and hip-hop hooraying and suddenly we realized that this could be wrong. We like DJ Butta, but we had to know.


Well, almost as fast as we cheered, we got to work and got to the bottom of this one, because it was spreading on the net so fast.


The truth is, there is no deal between Shady and Royce at this time. We talked management for Royce and got a good vibe. Still here’s the facts in the form of what was told to AllHipHop.com:


“Anything is possible.”


“Hopefully, the Hip-Hop gods smile down on Slaughterhouse (and sign them).”


“All of these rumors are great for Hip-Hop. [Slaughterhouse] signing to Shady would definitely balance things out.”


What we got out of it takes us back to square one, that it seems like Slaughterhouse as a group is closer to some negotiation with Shady and any one of its individual parts.




Should be!


Slaughterhouse is currently on tour with Tech9ne through the rest of the year.


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