Fuse TV Goes Hip-Hop Each Wednesday

Fuse TV has increased their Hip-Hop offerings on the network and will air specials on a number of rappers tonight (November 4).


Every Wednesday, Fuse will air a variety of documentaries, music videos, interviews and concerts.


This evening, the network will air specials on Tupac (Before I Wake), Beef (featuring 50 Cent, The Game, Nelly) and Lil Wayne and others.


Fuse has been expanding its Hip-Hop offerings since September, when the network aired Jay-Z’s “Answer the Call” concert at Madison Square Garden.


Since then, the company has dedicated each Wednesday to music and Hip-Hop content.


In September, author/journalist former BET host/journalist Toure joined the network as host of the “Hip-Hop Shop” TV show.


For more information visit: http://fuse.tv/hiphopinvasion


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