Friday Fashion Feature – Jeggings: Cop or Drop?

Are they jeans? Leggings?


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Nope, they’re jeggings!


To the pleasure of many, fierce ladies like Amber Rose and Meagan Good brought a whole new level of sexiness to all sorts of leggings – leather, shiny spandex, snake print, etc. – and one of the latest trends in this category is the “jegging”.


With the look of denim but the feel of leggings, jeggings are super versatile and comfortable pieces.


Top them off with a long tee or sweater and get that casual denim look, but with all the comfort stretchy leggings provide.


All hail the legging queen – Amber Rose




As with most denim these days, you can also dress them up like Beyoncé does above, with a blazer and sexy high heels.


Check out Mel B. rocking a retro acid wash pair with a laid back look below, and cop your very own jeggings on


Mel B.


Denim Leggings by Cheryl Creations


Love Kills Slowly Leggings by Ed Hardy

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