The 21 Challenge with Rosa Acosta

It’s a New Year, a new perspective and a new way of living. 2009 wasn’t the best year for many. However, if you needed an extra push to step your life up, 2009 did the trick. People are on the move and going harder than ever to stack up as many paychecks as possible.

Social Networking has brought your favorite stars 140 characters closer to your admirations and fantasies. That’s cool and all if you enjoy reading Reverend Run quotes over and over again (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Since everybody is on the go, in 2010, we’re gifting you with the 21 Challenge; 21 random questions with the feel of being on the hot seat. And first to accept this challenge was the lovely, flexible and addictive, Rosa Acosta. How will she fair in the challenge? You be the judge. Rosa, you use Twitter on a consistent basis. Are you addicted to the site? What do you hope to convey to your followers through using it?

?Rosa Acosta: I’m not addicted to it, but I do LOVE it! I think it’s a great way to keep in contact with the fans about my projects and share random things… it makes me feel closer to them.?? Cool, well AllHipHop will make you feel even closer. A woman as desirable as you are must get hit on often, from all walks of life. Who has the best game, entertainers or Sports athletes? Give your reason why?

?Rosa Acosta: I honestly don’t know as I have never dated any entertainers or athletes. I have dated a classical dancer, a lawyer, a construction worker and a restaurant manager. I love a guy with a schedule since I don’t have one, and if you wear a uniform to work, you get extra points! This is your opportunity to solidify a rumor or squash one.

?Rosa Acosta: I haven’t dated any celebrities yet. The media make my love life a lot more interesting than what it really is! I can’t wait to find out who is next to date me. Don’t you all take pictures with your friends and the people you work with??? Yeah, we do. You can’t blame us, at least not AllHipHop. Blame the celebrities that date their directors and the artists that date their producers. So I am guessing that Souljaboy link to you was clearly a rumor…?Rosa Acosta: That was totally a rumor. Me and him among other friends went to have dinner (we were not alone), took some pictures and I happened to be wearing an engagement look alike ring that is actually a present from my mom. We have never been on a date and he has never even tried to take me on one. After all I do have lots of love and respect for him for being such a gentlemen. It’s hard to see young guys with those qualities now a days.?? Wow, so I guess Souljaboy isn’t ‘supermaning’ anybody then. Gentlemen never ‘Superman’ women then rap about it. What does your weekly workout regimen consist of??Rosa Acosta: Right now I’m training to participated in the NYC Metropolitan Fitness Championships, so I’m working out 5 times a week for about 2 hours a day and under a special diet.?? Nice. Name three weaknesses that you have.?Rosa Acosta: I’m not a weak person. I could never be weak with food or material things. My only weakness is my family and the ones I love. I would stop everything for them if they need me.?? So how did the idea of all that stretching in your popular video come about? How much say did you have in making it public???Rosa Acosta: I was contacted by the owner of to do it. I didn’t put them up since I don’t own them. He did it and I never imagined he would have them on YouTube. So I was not expecting anything from them.


“The idea of me having [butt] implants is just ridiculous. My old pictures and my new pictures are the same the

only difference is my breasts that I got done one year ago and that is

not a secret.?”-Rosa Acosta

?? Are you a regretful person??

Rosa Acosta: Not at all…?? What is the one song you will never be able to get out of your head??Rosa Acosta: Probably a Spanish one… very romantic or naughty?? Your image probably gets questioned often? Is there anything about your image that people say about you that gets on your nerves, or hurt you? How do you handle the rumors about you getting your backside enhanced?

?Rosa Acosta: What people say doesn’t affect me. The idea of me having [butt] implants is just ridiculous. I’m a 37 in my hips which are a lot smaller than 95% of the rest of the urban models out there. My old pictures and my new pictures are the same the only difference is my breasts that I got done one year ago and that is not a secret.?The now infamous Rosa Acosta stretching video.

? Where other models failed in making the transition, how will you succeed?

?Rosa Acosta: Things worked out for me… I just happened to be that girl you like or dislike so much you can’t have enough of me.?? Uh, ok. What was the last movie that made you cry??Rosa Acosta: “7 Pounds” (with Will Smith) almost made me cry?? “7 Pounds” almost got me too; ALMOST! What is the one thing that you have no tolerance for in a relationship?

?Rosa Acosta: I have zero tolerance right now. I’m still not ready to be in a relationship but I’m getting there.? If you could choose something about you that people notice first about you, other than your body, what would it be??Rosa Acosta: My voice. It is a combination of sweet, funny and annoying. Guys’ love it when I call them “PAPI” or say lil things in Spanish.? Yea, we get kind of loopy over that Papi stuff. Are you a fanatic about anything??Rosa Acosta: FACTS, can’t stop searching for them!?? What do you struggle with the most in your current profession??Rosa Acosta: I would have to say the perception of me. I really don’t “struggle” with it because at the end of the day I know who I am and I understand this business. I’m at peace with myself. I love and accept the person I am. Not everything you hear is true… Things are not always what they look like.?? Talk about your most recent Tweet.?

Rosa Acosta: My last tweet read: “I need a HUG!” and at this present moment I do! Some days I feel “unboyfriendable” Yes, I know is not a real word but I love to use it. ?

“I hope in the future to meet that person that I can share my life with

and have a family. I don’t just dream about my own self…”-Rosa Acosta

? I administer hugs, but not longer than five seconds. Do you dream about marriage, having a family with a huge home with the white picket fence? If not, what do you dream about??Rosa Acosta: I don’t exactly dream about it, but I hope to, in the future, meet that person that I can share my life with and have a family. I don’t just dream about my own self… I also dream about a better world where no kids go to sleep without a meal.?? And she is a humanitarian. That’s a good look. Speaking of going to sleep at night, could you go to bed with someone, while feeling anger?


Rosa Acosta: Yes, but I can not assure you he will wake up alive ha-ha – just kidding!?? [scoots my chair back a few inches] What is your favorite dish to cook??Rosa Acosta: Whatever my partner wants!?? And the last question is, should Jay-Z retire??

Rosa Acosta: No, why should he!? ###

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