Stack Bundles’ Brother Yung Stack Launches Career

(AllHipHop News) Young Stack, younger brother of slain rapper Stack Bundles has revealed that he will be dropping a mixtape and launching a career as a Hip-Hop artist.


During an interview from Stuck Bundles’ gravesite, Yung Stack revealed he will drop an official mixtape this February, with the help of his group, Riot Gang.


According to Yung Stack, he started his rap career two years ago, right around the time his elder brother Stack Bundles, a member The Byrd Gang, was found murdered.


In June of 2007 Stack Bundles, born Rayquon Elliott., was found shot to death outside of his home in Far Rockaway, Queens.


The main suspect in his shooting was found dead just days later, with two gunshot wounds to the head and one to the leg.


“In two and a half years, look what I done did,” Yung Stack told FreakGenius TV. “And I aint even going hard, I am just getting my f**king feet wet. Imagine if I sit back and put my all into this. I wasn’t never the best brother in the world, I wasn’t the smartest f***king up in school. It took this to really see that life aint no joke, s**t can be really taken from you. That’s my older brother. We wasn’t cool, we just started getting cool. The s**t kills, me, every day.”


Although he remained tightlipped, Yung Stack claimed that when he first embarked upon his rap career, people close to his older brother laughed at his attempts.


He also claimed that certain, unnamed former associates of Stack Bundles have used his violent death to promote their own careers and haven’t taken care of his family.


“My brother’s no longer here, so when n***as try to do s**t for him or say his name, I understand yall showing love, but when you do it too much, you are taking advantage of it, that man’s not here,” Yung Stack stated. “When I first started my videos, you aint never hear me‘RIP Stack.’ No, no. that’s my brother. It’s bad enough he’s lying where he’s lying at. So I’ma do me, that’s what he would want me to do.”


Yung Stack also claimed that members of his brothers circle laughed at the notion that he could launch a successful rap career on his own.


“I aint gonna say no names, but they laughed at me, [They said] ‘ yo that’s not your place’,” Yung Stack revealed.


Undeterred, Yung Stack said his new mixtape, My Gift or My Curse will hit the streets on February 14.


“Shout out to everyone that supports me, everybody that constantly checks on me,” Yung Stack stated. “I appreciate that shit with the fullest. Even the people that aint supporting me, I still thank you for that. Yall the reason I’m about to start going hard.”

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