AHH Stray News: New DMX In Feb., Palmers In Philly, X-Clan

A new track by rapper DMX has been released to the Internet. The song, titled “Put Em Up,” is taken from a self-titled album that will hit stores on February 23, 2010. The latest release from DMX features guest appearances from Mobb Deep, JR Writer, Loon, AZ and others. A *tracklisting for the entire album is listed at the bottom of the article.


A Hip-Hop club in Philadelphia is under fire for allegedly filing false returns and underreporting profits. Palmer Social Club, a “private” club and after-hours hangout is popular in rap circles in the region. Palmer’s principal owner Michael Weiss, 46, is accused of underreporting profits by more than $1.6 million dollars and registering the club as a non-profit. Weiss allegedly gave the night spot’s accountant bogus paper work, which he knew would be used for tax returns. An attorney for Weiss has denied all charges and stated that the government’s calculations of the clubs profits are wrong. Unless the matter is resolved, it will go trial.


X-Clan will give their first show since announcing plans to reunite to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a group. The X-Clan will perform at The August Wilson Center for African American Culture in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, as part of a fundraising promotions to support the relief effort in Haiti. Groups like Formula412, National Slam Bush champion Vanessa German, International Songwriting Competition winner JAHI, award-winning poet, playwright and performing artist Dr. Goddess, award-winning actor and spoken word artist Ezra, revolutionary lyricist Sha-King, MC Living Proofe, Idasa Tariq and DJ Shade Cobain will perform during the evening. Tickets are $10 or a $5 donation, along with other non-perishables that will be sent to Haiti via Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation. Doors open at 6:30 PM.


*Tracklisting for DMX’s self titled album that hits stores on February 23, 2010:


1. Prayer 2. Put Em Up 3. I’ve Seen ft. J.R. Writer 4. Solid ft. Rampage 5. Baby I’m Going to Win 6. Boy Back Up ft. Mobb Deep 7. You Aint S**t ft. Loon and G-Dep 8. This is That ft. Hell Rell 9. F**k That B**ch 10. No Where to Hide ft. AZ 11. Lil Room 12. Silent Prayer 13. Have You Ever

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