DJ Irie and Miami Dolphins’ Jason Taylor Begin After-School DJ Program

(AllHipHop News) Internationally acclaimed DJ Irie and Miami Dolphins All-Pro Jason Taylor begin a new after-school initiative for children interested in the discipline of deejaying tomorrow (January 29).


“Irie’s DJ Spiniversity” will be held at the Miramar Youth Enrichment Center in Miramar, FL.


Its location is strategic, with the goal bridging the student’s predilection for music and their educational skills needed to excel in school.


Irie’s debut seminar is set to include an exhibition, a DJ battle, and teaching Jason Taylor turntable skills.


In addition, students will be taught the history of the DJ, music theory, scratching, and mixing.


Even as a DJ that’s traveled the world and received much acclaim, Irie holds his new educational endeavor as one of his most important career ventures.


“The Irie DJ Spiniversity is one of the greatest achievements of my career,” Irie told “Being a performing DJ has afforded me a wonderful & fulfilling life and to be able to spearhead an establishment for our youth to learn the art and the business is the absolute best. I expect to see some great talent come out of the Irie DJ Spiniversity.”


The class is free every Friday for the remainder of the 2010 school year.


The subsequent classes will be taught by DJs from the Scratch DJ Academy of Miami, known as the first DJ school in the world.


The first class commences at 4PM tomorrow in the Miramar Youth Enrichment Center, located at 7000 Miramar Parkway, Miramar, FL 33023.

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